Sunday, April 12, 2009

A slight dash of hypochondria and loving healthy days

First things first. Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying some religious happiness and some ham today. And mini-eggs and pb eggs.

You want to know what desperation is? Trying to find Cadbury Mini-Eggs the week of Easter. Holy cow....I looked far and wide for them in 5+ stores. Not for the kids (might as well give them stale chocolate chips- they can't tell the difference!) but for myself, for the long months ahead when Cadbury doesn't produce these delightful mini-drugs. I'm a little selfish this way. Always looking out for numero uno...but what can I say? Good candy makes me a better person. It really does! So I looked on ebay, and there they were...40 oz. and all. I won't tell you if I bought them at double (ok, almost triple) their value but hey- someone's got to woman the house. And if it's going to be me, I've got to have premium gasoline to keep goin'.

Aren't big sisters the best? Bangin' some music

Finally getting to wear his cool moto jacket!

I just can't seem to master my health imagination. I know I've talked about this before, but it is a recurring theme in my life (as are mini-eggs). It's been a week of sick kids. Stomach flu, then some other weird things....then I'll get a line of thinking that goes this way: "hmm...he has spots on his belly that don't look like the other ones (drool rash)...aren't liver spots due to weakened kidneys? What if the reason he's been so moody and clingy is because he hurts, and has organ problems we didn't diagnose??" And then I'll hit the internet, looking up all the things that could possibly fit any given symptom. The same with Anika's cough that followed her flu. She wasn't getting better fast enough so I wondered if she had pneumonia, or meningitis... good thing about all of this is that I am learning a lot more about illnesses and I almost could diagnose a patient. Well, I'd probably over-diagnose the patient, but better to over-do than under-do, right?
humbled by the calming goodness of an oreo

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fun on the couch side-effects

This was yesterday. Have you ever seen a child more pleased than Isabelle about going to PCMC for a doctor appt? She's had the best attitude ever about her broken arm. (For all you that don't know- she broke her arm above her elbow falling off the couch last week. She fell all of two feet. Yes, they have that song "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed/Couch" for a good reason!)

Isabelle today, pre-surgery. Good attitude hanging on, even after a change into hospital attire. I'm a little jealous; when I stay at the hospital all I get is a blue faded drape that dons no ferris wheel or carnival tent. She also got cotton candy gas. Seriously good stuff. She is doing well and we're glad she's back home. Great job Is!

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