Saturday, April 9, 2011

When you can't find your blog

It's true.  I couldn't find my little blog!  How very sad!  My computer got a big re-wash because "it was making too much noise" and going "sooo slow" (according to computer dr. hubby).  Because of these life-threatening ailments, the whole computer was wiped clean and reborn.  And as I tried to remember what my blog was called - it has been a couple months you know--my computer had no memory of the address either!  I am completely dependent on my computer's brain more than my own.  Thankfully I was able to google "the most happenin' blog of 2011", and my blog showed up first on the list. We're now starting fresh again, just like the season now upon us.  

Here is what has happened the last few months:  
Home improvements.  We had a window seat put in our kitchen for more seats and more space. We can now fit about 10 kids around the table...wahoo!

minor irritations upon youngest child:
Dylan has had a rough go of things here in 2011.  He has had an ear infection going on about 3 months now that antibiotics just don't treat!  It retreats, only to come back and give us all pain.  To add to that already constant pain in his life, he grabbed my curling iron, held on to it longer than instincts would tell you, and as a consequence had to have his hand wrapped for 3 weeks because of a burn on four of his fingers.  The poor kid!  Not to mention the guilt I felt.  But I paid for my sin by having to wrap his hand sometimes 4 times a day (with 2 layers!  and ointment!) because the darn thing kept coming off his squirmy and curious little hands.  Not easy, I tell you.  Not easy a'tall.  

Loo successes:
This is a bonus picture of Sam for cousin Sydney.  Well, I guess Sam should make the blog anyway because of his toilet skills he's recently acquired.  We also now have about 20 more hot wheels cars as a result of his new inclinations, including an ice cream truck and the less popular daycare bus.  

Oh, Dyls.  How cute is a little almost 1-year old who wants to climb into the dishwasher?  

Next post I'll throw some pictures of the rest of us in the family. We've got a week of Spring Break now- weather looks awesome for it- so I'll have to take some pictures of us doing some crafts and making a snowman, maybe even sipping some hot cocoa.  Anyone have any fun suggestions for some inside fun?