Friday, January 8, 2010

Why Christmas should be Jan. 25

I have been doing a lot of thinking this new year. I was reading a You book, and one of the suggestions to ward off Alzheimer's is thinking of things in a new way. For example, when you take a shower don't turn off your brain; think of the individual trickles of water beading on your leg. Keep that mind activated! Even though the ability to numb your brain seems like quite a talent in its own right. Moving on.

So during my deep thinking, I really decided I don't like January, and so many people don't, yet we rush December like it's on perpetual stimulants and need it be?? No! Therefore, I motion to move Christmas to January 25~! If there is one thing that government can actually accomplish, maybe it could be this easy switchover? Here are my reasons:

  • not enough time between Thanksgiving and Christmas! Let's actually enjoy our decorations for more than a few weeks. Also, more time for all dem eggnog parties and maybe caroling will come back into vogue if we have time for such frivolities.
  • Valentine's Day will get the time it deserves, which is no more than 2 weeks.
  • Christmas spirit will have time to be earned, not faked
  • time to listen to all those good carols, watch all those Christmas videos
  • more time to make all those holiday goodies!
  • January will be more enjoyable, having Christmas marked on its 25th day, and December will begin slowly and surely.
  • No more Black Friday taking the steam away from Thanksgiving.
  • Greater likeliness of a white Christmas in January than December
  • I will have a little more time to refresh my wishlist between my December birthday and Christmas
  • once Christmas is over the end of January, it will feel like we only have a little bit of winter left before Spring!
So aren't those great reasons? I thought so. Here are some of my highlights during the fun month, yet somewhat rushed month of December 2009:

Above- celebrating my Dad's big 7-0. He totally looks and acts 40.
Below- Sam loves brushing his teeth...sometimes I'm negligent and I just stay out of the bathroom and hope one of his sisters is brushing for him. As it usually goes, he takes care of himself. Independence isn't bad for an almost 2 year old, right? I'm sure he is brushing very thoroughly.

We celebrated Isabelle's 6th birthday on the 22nd. It was a fun day!

Megz tried to take over the party by initiating charades while I was still shoveling lil smokies into a few of the more hungry party-goers mouths.
Making marshmallow pops...who knew white and chocolate covered marshmallows with sprinkles could taste so good?
Christmas day was great. The kids enjoyed their apparel and toys.

So with all this, how do we make January a redeemable month? I have just one idea, and that is to go out and enjoy my Easter candy for this month and the following 3 months?