Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summerlicious. Two posts in one.

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Here we go.  Another collage to portray the most pivotal moments of our summer.  We got our driveway re-done, lots of cousin-time, every parade at the south end of Utah County, our awesome family reunion filled with family-friendly fare.  During the talent portion Anika and Olivia shared some favorite jokes including the funny, "why did the toilet paper roll down the hill? To get to the bottom".  That was my fave. We enjoyed fireworks for the whole month of July-- from every neighbor in the city.  I was cursing these so-called neighbors as they kept lighting the lame loud fireworks at midnight.  Or honestly, any time past 10:30.  Why do people have to be so fun?  Why so much firework love?  I mean, I understand fireworks on the actual holidays, and the ones that are up in the sky are amazing and beautiful...but to waste your money on all the cheap-o ones you light in the road and are loud and lame, well- maybe it's time to spend money on something else?  

So back to summer events.  We haven't had the busiest summer (that's okay) but we did do things here and there.  My sister Diana came into town from NJ the first weeks of August and we did a whirlwind of activities.  We did the Sweet's Candy Factory tour...how I wish they'd have let us take pictures in our hairnets!  That was pretty fun.  I love cinnamon bears even more now after I saw them coming to pass in their cute little molds at the factory.  We did some rafting, some bbq-ing, some marshmallow shooting, some playing...good times.  

Russell celebrated his 35th bday on the 9th, and Anika had her 10th birthday on the 13th.  Her day was packed full and here are some pictures from that day, along with pictures of our new friend, Salem.  Wherever we  go, she is always ahead.  ha ha hahh haha!  The purpose of buying her was for Anika to be able to practice doing hair, but she has somehow become the head of household.  Sorry-- can't help it!  Come to our house for more funnies and perhaps you can even get a headshot with Salem.