Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back with a festive vengeance

Wow, I didn't even recognize my blog it has been so long!  Did I mention we had a baby in April?  I guess I covered that one.  It just seems like right when I have the urge to write in my blog, someone calls me to wipe or I decide I want to make cookies instead or look on for know I am doing the amazon prime free trial for the 3rd time in a year now?  You'd think they'd stop offering me free trials but as long as that's an option, I'm not committing to a full membership!  Plus I spend a lot of money on amazon so I should almost have that free 2-day shipping automatically anyway!  I do like them.

Well- the kids are back in school, of course, a couple of birthdays have been had- Anika is 9, Olivia now 5.  They were as fun as ever.  August is a pretty good month to have a birthday. Outdoor parties rock. Halloween was a rainy-snowy blast but we still got treats so all was well.  Sam went as Sam, which still got him treats so why would he do it any other way?

All my kids want pillow pets for Christmas, but Sam already knows how to use his woofy as his pillow.  Nothing like sleeping on a nice hard floor with the warm sun beating down on you.  Anybody got a sing-a-ma-jig?  I didn't know I wanted one until they all sold out and are supposedly the hot toy of the season.  I want the hot toy!  I think!

Dyl reaching out to grab our beautiful tree.  Isn't it awesome?  We got it after Christmas last year and it is a tall beauty!  We decorate the day after Thanksgiving.  I wouldn't mind decorating as soon as the first snow hits, though, as long it's after Halloween.  The longer the Christmas feeling is here, the better, right?  I felt bad that as we were getting out all the Christmas stuff I was thinking about how soon we would have to put it away and how that stinks big-time.  One of the best days of the year: putting up Christmas.  One of the worst: taking it down.  We got to make December last longer, or put up the tree in September.
My good parents are on a mission in Boston, MA.  We miss them and hope they are adopting that Boston accent.  I'd love that!
Thanksgiving was fun. The best foods are: stuffing, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes, all on your fork at once.  Every year we do a thankful jar where we all write what we're thankful for.  Like Megz mentioned in her blog yesterday, the kids can come up with awesome spellings for stuff.  Like Isabelle (6) wrote above, she is thankful for "lecktrisity".
Isabelle wants to document her smile void of many teeth. There it is!  Her birthday is coming up and maybe considering how often I blog now I should just write how much fun we had Christmas and that Santa brought the best toys. Sam turned 3 on Groundhog Day and successfully potty-trained himself with his McQueen potty. Everyone loved the green pancakes on St. Patty's..but don't worry about all that- go enjoy some John Denver Christmas music and some fudge!