Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why I love January

So many people talk smack about January because they're hungover on all the presents and eggnog December brings. I used to be one of those people. I felt like January was just a cold, dreary, frigid friend, but I have decided to turn things around. Just look at some of the happy January moments.

Cute pasteled coat girls making the smallest snowman ever. Olivia couldn't stop eating the sweet sugary snow.

Look at the blue sky snow majesty!

Look who's finally coming back! My violent Kiefer friend, and the hotties from Lost. I just can't get over the greatness that is LOST.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time to pass along the traveling pants..

Any takers? These leggings have been a favorite of Olivia's for over a year now. As you can see, they've been worn and loved. Even though her Dad is embarrassed to have her in holy wear out in public, I still let her wear them whenever because I know the love that is the PANTS.

So we're spreading the joy to others. Anyone want their gal donning these babies on the town? Oh, the luck they will bring! They are like a second set of skin- snug in all the right places. Oh- and they go with everything.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to Megz

Megan, a cute girl at Christmas

For my birthday a few weeks ago my sister Megz gave me a special tribute. Because of the way that warmed my soul I am carrying on a now-tradition of special birthday blogging. Nothing crazy or overly sappy, just a thought or two in honor of the bday sister. Diana, (in a month when you read this) I will do a bday blog post for you too in 9 months so get excited.

Anyway, back to Megan. Happy Birthday! Megan has always been great at saying she's the one that came up with all our imaginative games. Closet ghost stories and Elevator, Hot Lava, Store, Lost Children in the Windstorm, Hammockhollow family, the list goes on. As we got older I had to pry her out of her room or off the piano to beg her to create more games. I'll give her credit for 50% of them since it's her birthday.

Diana, Me, Megan 1983
I only posted pictures when we were all cute and not the adolescent weird looking ones with big bangs and weird teeth.

Get a real sense of Megan as a sister: Megan wrote two messages in my yearbook in '95. One as fake hottie Jason Fernelius, to up my self-esteem and make it look like I had some cool boy write in my yearbook. If you can't read it it says, "Too bad I'm graduating so I can't ask you out. You are one of the cutest chicks I know even though you're so short (just can't resist a warm sisterly dig). Call me sometime and we'll do something so those sophomore boys won't bug you. Jason Fernelious. P.S. I find my mustache sexy."

How creative is she? Her real message is down below but it is very personal so if you can't read it by yourself I'm sorry. Something about boxers. I don't remember that story.
Megan was always my counselor and calming device when I was tantruming or in trouble, which was a lot. She was not a meanie! I can honestly say she was the nicest oldest sister to both me and Diana. She was also brave to be the first girl after 7 older brothers, but I'm not sure she had a choice on that one. Thanks for paving the way! Happy Happy Birthday!