Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vacation- everyone should have one

We took a fun vacation last week.  I feel so sad that it took Disneyland to get me back on my blog, because I have been thinking I want to blog about things like good stuff to buy and ice cream flavors and other important sticky notes in my mind.  But my mind is where it all stays.  Anyone want me to talk about ice cream flavors?  Like how Dreyer's has a million varieties and that fact alone makes it hard to buy one kind, because you're afraid to buy the wrong one and have regrets?  Regrets are lame.
We took our longest trip, which was 6 nights in a place that wasn't my bed, with a bed-hog that wasn't my husband (no, this isn't going that direction, I don't think).  I got the privilege of sharing my bed from 1846 with my tossy-turny 18 month old. Now I have more of an appreciation for parents who go on vacations with their kids, because we all know: it ain't the same vacation for the kids as it is for the parents.  Parents are so awesome.  Next time I want someone to be feeding me endless snacks and and pushing me around in a stroller and making sure the waves don't swallow me whole.  
Huntington Beach.  We took most of our pictures at the beach and at the Wilderness Exploring Camp place in California Adventure.  Better photo ops.

Poinsettias!  Christmas music started playing the week we were there. Fun...and snow on the castle.  
The teacups weren't even bad, like I had thought from reading some Babysitters Club books.  The ride that made me even feel a little nauseous was Space Mountain, because you can't see anything.  What's the point of that?
Cars Land coming next summer- very exciting.  Olivia could have been in this picture too but she was in the stroller eating a can of Pringles.  I think we ate our whole food storage supply of snacks, but no one could get through the box of Cheez-Its, even when in extreme hunger.  Nastiness.
Dude from Star Wars or something. Must be really steamy in that mask.

Jungle Crusin' it.  You know when it's a really busy day at Disneyland when even the line for Jungle Cruise is long.  
Russell's dream came true- to see the Mickey man.  Dylan didn't much care for such things.

I think next vacation we need to offset the man-made, technological, surreal fantasy that is Disneyland and instead do a raw, rough, low-key, cheap, nature-appreciation style trip, but I already feel the pull back to California.  Maybe we can just watch a movie about a family camping, make some indoor s'mores, and call it good.  
Yay for fun family times...