Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas withdrawal

First things first! Isabelle turned 5 on the 22nd. She got a Leapster. We knew A might be a little jealous but coming from a place close to my heart I just have to allow the middle daughter the coveted video-gamish-eye-glazing-over toy.

Party time! Pajama party. Complete with cake beds. I try to copy the Parents Magazine photo spread but I really come up short. Probably because I am lazy and not too crafty. They definitely look like the kids made them and honestly- the kids couldn't make them this cool. You try melting airheads and stretching them! They don't stretch- they get harder. Parents mag lied. Make for a great teeth-pulling chew.

Sam with his lot from Santa. He didn't score much this year. Any money we saved from the gift budget went to me. Thanks Sammy!

The sweet 3 with their faux-American Girl dolls. Thanks Target. Anika exclaimed loudly that they are 100 dollars each! I didn't have it in my heart to tell the truth; it's Santa's business, not mine.

Presents from the girls: juggling balls, aluminum-foil wand, pretty art. I have to hand it to Olivia- she spent so much time the last several days decorating candy canes and neighbor gifts with abandoned ribbon and wrapping. I love her vision!

I know you're all dying to know what happened with Santa and my late request. I (kind of) feel bad to say it worked! It's not my fault! I'm blaming it on you commenters. Who wants to look stingy in front of you guys? Toast of my Martinelli's to you R! One day your stocking will have something better than Twix minis and Nu Skin products, I promise. Now I have to go feel sad Christmas is over. It came when I was not totally ready! I've got to have a plan for next year to draw the whole season out slower.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An appeal to Santa

Dear Santa,

I just wanted to let you know that I've changed my mind about something. Remember back when I said some things about leather not being compatible with motherhood? A long, long time ago? Well, my kids are much more clean now. I've stopped using my purse as a garbage bag for all the treats my kids get at the store and in public as I bribe them to stay happy for just 10 more minutes. And I'll be honest- I know I blame it on the kids because I can, but I'll try not to leave my bag laying around just anywhere. I won't put it on the car floor while kids walk on it with slushy shoes; I'll not carry a spill-proof sippy cup in my bag because somehow, some way those darn things always manage to leak. In other words, Santa, I'll protect this bag or this bag (might be asking much) with my life. And the's smart woman's jewelry. A decorative piece and a time-piece all in one! I've always been practical like that. How often does Fossil have sales on bags? (never) How often do they have sales on beautiful watches? (rarely) It's up to you, but this could be a good investment. I know I've been good.

A Believer always,

P.S. I guess the watch is optional.

Monday, December 8, 2008

*Confidential* email from junkie husband

We got hot cocoa from my boss today. It had 4 candy canes in it.

I ate the 4 candy canes this morning.

I just ate a packet of hot cocoa powder because I wanted something sweet.

I don’t care where I get it. I just want it.

This is true desperation. And it's from the guy who owns a candy machine at work that dispenses M&M's and Hot Tamales with a twist of a key! Granted, they are a little stale, but free and easily accessible. Well, scratch that last part. They are in a different building. Who wants to have to exercise in order to get their fix?

Though I may mock and scoff and mock some more; truth be told, I married someone just like me. I remember a time of making my own string cheese with melted mozzarella and then reshaping it into a log (?!); melting chocolate chips with peanut butter to try and imitate Reese's, and mixing lots of sugar with a dry Kool-Aid packet to make homemade Pixie Stix, aka cavity inducers.

What have you done in a desperate moment to satiate those darn cravings?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Regression and Progression

I was excited that Samuel is finally old enough to play with some of our favorite toys. We love our dangerous Polly Pocket choking hazards! Sam is just there lovingly wetting the doll's hair with his tongue, like a mother cat to her kittens.

I know, I know...I let him eat the shoes and other fine accessories while I snap away..what kind of Mum am I? This experience is very reminiscent of the wood chips at the playground scenario. My philosophy is: let them eat and taste! Their mouth is working overtime to figure out textures and how all those salivary glands work. It's all a part of the learning process, guys. And I am excellent at swift removal of any non-food objects. I think I remove about 20 rug fuzzies from his mouth every day.

I wish I could be rejoicing as I say this: Olivia is finally taking a pacifier after 3 years! We tried over and over to give her the magical pacifier when she was a baby but she would not have it. We tried again at 1, then at 2, when she started abandoning naps (blamed it on no binky to lull her to sleep), and now that she is 3 and there is no point, she took one of Sammy's extras and has it in her mouth constantly. What do I do? (besides take it away from her- that is too obvious. Looking for creativity here!)