Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter wonders

December was a great month. It was filled with parties, family, meaning, good health, and contentment. My birthday was in the middle of the month as well. Can I admit that I like to get presents I want for my birthday and Christmas? Is that greedy and self-indulgent?  Maybe a little, but I don't claim to be a selfless saint.  If I'm going to be getting presents, then let's make sure the ones I've been pining for all year make the cut!  I not only enjoy shopping, but I have a little insight on what are the best presents for myself.  Surprises are fine, if you know me well enough.  Thoughtful gifts have their place, but it's usually in a Nicholas Sparks or Anita Stansfield book and therefore might be a little gag-inducing. Don't over-think it. Just give me some cold, hard cash or a gift card- I'm happy!  Hedonist?  Perhaps. 

I am simple, though.  I did tell Russell a few months before my birthday that "a purse filled with candy" would always be a good gift.  See?  I'm not about cartier watches or prada jumpsuits or diamond rings.  I have a budget.  And he did get that as a surprise, which I was happy about!  Along with that, was his win at his work party.  He won an iPad, which he gave to me!  How awesome is that?  I've never pictured myself with an iPad, because of its trendy nature and novelty.  However, it is pretty fun to have.  I like to pretend that it won't be a huge time-waster because I can email on it, and I can read the Bible on there, just haven't yet, and I can brush up my French with it- and I also can use it as a book reader.  I don't think I've done much with it but play with it yet though.  I feel like such a modern woman.  It makes me forget that my shoulder is always covered with food from cute faces and that my auto-van needs a huge deep-cleaning to remove honey-mustard drips and chewed-up and spit-out apple peel pieces (Sam!) from its insides (who wants to clean the car in the cold of winter??). So with all of those capabilities, it's really wonderful!  

Some misc. pics from the month:

Dance concert
Sam was the happiest boy Christmas morning with his garbage trucks

Great snow makes for a perfect December.  The girls made this patriotic snowman with their Dad.

New Year's Goals:
  • enjoy even more guilty pleasures- live each day to the fullest, right!
  • read more brainy books
  • use less close to cuss cuss words or make up more creative ones
  • write that bestseller that is going to make me some big bucks
  • eat more veggies
  • eat more cadbury mini-eggs
  • find something to fill the LOST hole that's inside of me
I'll let you know how that goes by the end of this year.  Happy 2011!