Monday, March 23, 2009

The part where I have to give in order to get

how you'll feel if you don't win

I am doing Stephanie's pay it forward game. The first three people to leave a comment on my blog will receive a gift from me some time in the near future (let's be more specific and say month). The catch is you must do a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going. Remember only the first three will get a gift and it will be good. (Erin-standards good, which could also mean Target brand gummi peaches good, but who doesn't love those?)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I love my baby enough to share mini-eggs

I've always been a skeptic of the "terrible two's". Labels that cause expectations that are often not even true and induce false dread and false relief. I mean really, isn't "terrible" a little harsh? Kids are sweetly naughty because of their innocence, right? Plus we've all got our semi-terrible moments (well, me not so much), even those of us several decades old. So why put all the pressure on an innocent 2-year old to be naughty and difficult?! To let the age be the scapegoat of all unwanted behavior, I guess.

Why am I even going off on this? Well, because for me I find the difficulty in the 1- year olds and want some validation and perhaps some understanding. Here is some of my evidence 1 year olds are more of a handful than 2-year olds:

  • 1 year olds grunt, point, and pant their desires, which must be met immediately!
  • They want to do boring stuff like stand at the microwave for minutes and just open and close that door for what seem like hours.
  • They don't like the telly so how can long car rides work or using the telly as a babysitter? (super problem, I know).
  • That beautiful display tower of jello at the store? Gone.
  • They remember the taste of that m&m well enough to know where they are and to grunt you in the direction of them. Can't quite reason with them "treat after the sliced bananas, baby" (ok, shame on me for exposing my babes to the evil seduction of sweets)

The list goes on but so will boredom if I continue...

Steering away from all that negativity (if it's taken as that) and more on a "isn't he precious" note, here are some pictures of Samuel doin' some of his 1-year old hobbies.

Playing mop for a good 10 minutes. He also likes R's wooden shoe trees. You never know what makes a good toy for a 1 year old.

Look here- I'm impressed that he knows how to twist a screwdriver! I have to change our belt about every two weeks because of all the random dress-up scarves we have half-hiding, just within suction's reach.

What I have to put on the floor to keep to keep him entertained so I don't have to hold him while I do my important duties.

So those are my thoughts on this matter. But dang, as high-maintenance as he is, he is a GOOD boy. Labels and all.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We got somethin' you want

Are your kids acting hyper? Has Spring Fever seeped into your household, finding no place to drain excess energy and excitement? Are your kids feeling pent up from being inside the days that aren't so Spring-like, leaving them angry and more prone to boredom and fighting? is your answer to your problems. Send them over to my house to enjoy some child-taming germs we've got goin' on.

We've got something you might are the pros:

  • not having to get up and do the carpool thing
  • more chances to see your kids throughout the night, each time an extra treat
  • very likely less toys to pick up, less crumbs to sweep
  • you can turn down the heat and cuddle up to your super-toasty child
  • your children will just sit there in front of the tv, quiet and entertained (well- I guess that is not such a departure from any other day)
  • extra quiet in the day as they slumber!
Cons of this bug? Well, I don't advise it on children under 2. It's too hard to re-sleep-train babies. And the ear infection thing. And the clingy-thing. Sweet, but not really.

While I'm being honest, I am a parent who goes to the internet at first sign of a symptom to diagnose. Anyone else? I've gotten myself sick worrying about all sorts of weird diseases and illnesses. I often think I should have married a Dr. so he could put my hypochondria to rest. Luckily I married a computer doctor so that's a close second.