Wednesday, October 21, 2009

vacationing Utah style

Well...what a nice Fall Break we had in CA! Now I am getting why people seem to go there all the time around here. The car ride isn't horrendous, though I can't believe I'm saying that. And if you live in St. George or even Las Vegas, then Disneyland is a mere few hours away!

Russell really discourages me taking nudie shots of our children, but little bums don't count! Especially little toddler boy bums. They make me smile, and in a purely innocent way.

Laguna Beach is a beautiful beach! We were a bit disappointed there weren't any famous people strutting around in their bikinis and shorts, but we did see several mid-life crisis males trying really hard to look hot in their speedos and super-dark tans.

Disneyland Street Parade. Ani and Is got to go dance. I was sure proud of them, because I don't imagine I would have had the nerve to do that when I was young. Or now.
We convinced my mom and dad that what they really wanted to do was to take a Disneyland trip and my powers of persuasion worked! They had a good time and we enjoyed the perks of having the ratio of 1 adult per child. It was great having them with us.

Disneyland, thanks for the good time and only minimal long waits in lines. We'll be back...