Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trying something out

Thanks for doing some good snow shoveling. Too bad you have to do another 6 inches in the mornin'.

A fellow blogger has issues with pictures so I am trying to post some pictures differently. I am tired of driving in the snow!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Something to admire

I've always liked fun watches. Who says you can't collect timepieces anyway? I think not only are they functional, but they can be a nice piece of jewelry as well! Does anyone like this watch? It is hard to tell how it would fit but I'd like it only if it was snug on my wrist. Fossil has great handbags as well, but I just can't spend 300 dollars on one. And leather is dangerous at this point in my life, with the kids' sucker pieces and wet chewed-up reject candy that end up in my purse somehow. But I sure do admire....

Friday, January 25, 2008

One New, One Old

Olivia browsing her nostril yesterday.

Isabelle's beautiful rainbow cake we bought from a professional chef. Haha....

All Done Up

This is Anika after her makeup, nails, and hair have been done. She said it was the funnest party ever. Darn....I really need her to keep her expectations lower! Her hair is still a little stiff and she didn't dare move her lips for the longest time in fear of the lipstick coming off. She does look fancy!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Layers and Layers of Dress-up

Olivia loves to dress up. This particular day she put on about 4 tutus and various shirt items. Isn't she the cutest? Not only does she layer dress up (it is so hard just to choose one!) she layers "pa-j-j-ja-jammies". She wants to wear her cute summer princess nightgowns, but it is too cold at night so we introduced the feet pajamas with the nightgown on top. But she won't stop there- she often wears socks underneath the feet pajamas, then a nightgown, and then her monkey slippers as well. It does seem like a lot but her covers tend to come off and this does keep me from checking on her every few hours at night. Anyway, she loves to look "bee-uuu-ti-fullll".

Friday, January 18, 2008

I could manage a trip here

I need to play Guess Who with Isabelle now but before doing so I just wanted to post a picture I got online of the beautiful Eiffel Tower. I will go here someday, but I'm not quite sure when. I really want to eat at the boulangerie and speak Francais. It always did roll off my tongue!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Secret messed up big time

I really hate deodorant that smells. Whenever I actually smell the heat coming out of the armpit, it better not have a scent! Odor (even if it smells baby fresh or apple fresh) should not come out of the armpit. That said, I always buy unscented Secret deodorant. It is the best. Until this can. The unscented version now has a slight sweet scent to it! I am so annoyed! I will give Secret one more test run and then I'm moving on to another brand. What about those people who buy unscented because they are allergic? C'mon Secret....you have about 30 different scents. Can't you just leave one version scentless?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Long January Days

Well, this is the beginning. Why is January so long anyway? It has to be the longest month of the year. I think of anything we can do outside of our home but I come up with nothing. We can go grocery shopping, but for some reason, that seems like more work (with two preschoolers) than a break of any sort. So what happens? We stay home all day and all night. And that is mostly fine because I tend to do well as a homebody in general, but mentally it does take its toll after a few weeks...