Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Layers and Layers of Dress-up

Olivia loves to dress up. This particular day she put on about 4 tutus and various shirt items. Isn't she the cutest? Not only does she layer dress up (it is so hard just to choose one!) she layers "pa-j-j-ja-jammies". She wants to wear her cute summer princess nightgowns, but it is too cold at night so we introduced the feet pajamas with the nightgown on top. But she won't stop there- she often wears socks underneath the feet pajamas, then a nightgown, and then her monkey slippers as well. It does seem like a lot but her covers tend to come off and this does keep me from checking on her every few hours at night. Anyway, she loves to look "bee-uuu-ti-fullll".


Megz said...

All dressed up with no place to go...Hey, is that your Christmas tree in the background??? Time to move on sista.

Diana said...

at least she isn't crawling into your bed at night because hers is too cold. my babe is freezing at night because he no longer will wear footie pajamas. anyone need a couple pairs of brand new fuzzy footies?