Sunday, August 16, 2009

In memory of post #2

Back in the old days of 2008 when I started my blog, I had issues to discuss. I am a little sad I have departed from my insightful commentaries on various consumer products, or politics, or world news. Well, with the exception of the last two mentioned, my blog was a source of strength for my many reader. Her name being Megz. Going back I realized how succinct I was, how I didn't just go on and on for paragraphs. I miss the old me.

With that old post in mind, I wanted to give an update. Secret deodorant being the issue at hand. I didn't even post a picture back in those days of newbieness, so I made sure to not be lacking in that area today. If I were one of those bloggers, I would even show my armpit, perhaps with a little stubble (of course I don't have stubble ever!) as I apply the Secret. But I'm not going to do that for you.

So here's what happened. Secret did some random consumer research online, found my blog, saw my dismay at their change in formula, and after a year switched it back! So now I am finally back to wearing Secret Unscented. I tried several other flavors of deodorant, and I have been disgusted from the smells emanating from my armpits ever since. I am not a smelly person (i'm pretty sure), and I don't sweat excessively. So with that in mind, how can any sane person desire a wet-sweat-tainted version of Watermelon Sunset coming from the top two corners of their body? I don't want to smell my pits at any point in the day. No Baby Powder Unfresh, no Fusty Flamingo, and please no Tropical Breaking Wind. Not only do people get a whiff of you as you walk by, but you have to smell yourself all day long. And that is just something I can't handle. I love me a good perfume or lotion or spray, but mixed with body sweat just doesn't quite have the right zest, you know?

So my question is, how do you people out there that wear scented versions of deodorant defend yourselves? I am almost of the mind that you should go au-naturel- body-smell before you go scented.

But credit where credit is due. Thank you Secret, for taking the scent out of your Unscented once again. You heard my voice and I will once again pay 10 bucks a year to your company. Gracias.