Saturday, August 30, 2008

Olivia's 3rd..

Bright and early we boola-boola the gifts. The theme seems to be purple and pink! A dress-up, matching Barbie (from the new Barbie movie coming out in a week- good times!), Dora water bottle, and a Strawberry Shortcake DVD. Olivia is very content.

Who doesn't love a good visit with a good Grandma? They had a fun time.

I didn't plan on doing a party, since Anika's took enough work..(fun work!), but Olivia kept talking about who was coming to her party the days before so we tossed out a few invites the day before for a low-key, hour-long, sprinkler party.

Something Olivia doesn't do- take naps. I guess all the fun really took a toll! She fell asleep downstairs about 5:30.

We brought her upstairs to wake her and she couldn't handle it and went back to sleep. Her sisters were blowing in her face, poking her, trying to wake her up so they could convince her McDonald's playplace was the destination for dinner (I wholly veto that idea! I can't tolerate the stinky, germy playland and will resist with all my power). Eventually she woke and we settled on sandwiches and playing at the school playground. After all, everyone's bellies were full of treats, especially Olivia's.

Happy Birthday Olivia! You are a sweet, fun girl with a great sense of humor. Just like your Mom!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Sum-up and Sub-down

Well, this was an interesting weekend. Friday night Anika got the fun (she seems to go to the most social events in the family) and went to a back-to-school party where 21 (!) girls were invited. The parents were forking out beaucoup bucks to feed pizza, ice-cream, punch, and make bracelets to all these 7-year olds. They also got to watch High School Musical 2. Of course!

While she was shin-diggin at the jamma party, the rest of us hit a reception. It was an odd reception. Kind of like a camp-out in the mountains without the fire and sleeping part but with the smoke smells and food that you keep in plastic wrap straight from Sam's Club. The festivities and excitement of a new marriage weren't there. Now granted, most receptions are not exciting for the guests and a bit socially awkward as well but it's strange when the reception isn't even exciting for the married persons.

Saturday I took Anika and Sammy on the most unfruitful shopping trip of my life. I enjoy shopping enough that I am happy as long as I buy one thing, even if it took several hours. However, this was not good. When did finding shoes that fit and don't have HSM or HM on them become such a trial? We got a lot of walking in at two malls (I know- sad) and didn't buy one thing. I have this weird rule that I can buy additional items at a store (like clothes for the other kids or toys for O's bday in this case) ONLY if I buy the item I intended to buy initially. In this case the shoes. So I put back the Soccer Coach Barbie for O and the clothes for family picture I had collected (there's always a reason to buy, right?) at Mervyn's because we didn't find any shoes there. It's like punishing Mervyn's! So that's my weird rule. So I come home feeling all ornery and mad that I didn't at least buy that durn Barbie and I get online. Hey- I always do this first! But last week when I checked they didn't have a sale. But there were the shoes I knew fit Anika, and they were 20% off and free ship. So there you go. Moral of the story? What should it be anyway? We enjoyed bonding together. Anika was happy, because she got a milkshake and Arby's melt. And their chocolate turnovers are heavenly! GO ARBY'S. I'm a fan. And I like shopping! I was just a little sad. But I'm okay now.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer expectations met and going off on nerd-hood

Anika painted her face just for fun

Why this summer was the best summer ever:
  1. There were lots of ripe tomatoes and zucchinis (from others) and eggplant (?)
  2. We went swimming a lot, like at our family reunion (glad she didn't notice there wasn't much more swimming than that)
  3. going to swimming lessons (she can swim now!!)
  4. staying up late (seriously too late- 9:45 pm average)
  5. not going to school
  6. lots of playing with friends
  7. There were lots of fun things to do outside (bike/friends/park, repeat)
  8. Shave ice
  9. Ice cream
  10. Parties and BBQs
  11. My birthday!
Summer is really fun because of all those reasons. Dictated by Anika K.

Isn't this the funnest jacket ever? This is Sammy's new black corduroy jacket from TJMaxx. Look at the fun pins and embroidery. His first stylish clothing item! It's going to look great with his mohawk. My boy gonna be cool. I was wondering what makes boys nerds and even though Russell does computer stuff daily and could definitely fit the nerd mold if he wanted, he isn't a total nerd. Why? Because he doesn't relish in his techie prowess. He doesn't speak C+ to neighbors. He doesn't hide out on the computer and play online games with co-workers. He does recreational things and isn't afraid of outdoors and sports. He dabbles in a lot of things.. what a great hubs. And I love the nerd in him that always allows me a working computer and internet connection. That's where I'm the nerd. Cheers to you RK!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Carnival minus the scary clowns and sticky rides

my steady hand painting rainbows and flowers

Happy Birthday Anika! I saw an idea for a Carnival Party in the Parents magazine. I really liked the idea, so we made it work for us. It could have been cuter with more fancy looking signs but you know what? I feel fine spending as little time on the prep as possible. We had a bean bag toss and clothespin drop cousin Ike was in charge of, a squirting booth (thanks family reunion idea), a kissing booth (guess the kisses in a jar), face painting, fortune teller, potato sack races and popcorn and corndogs.

A view of the backyard. I am much happier having parties outside. And we've got shade, which makes it happen.

Megz was the best fortune teller ever. And who has outfits just waiting for occasions like this like she does? She was calling down spirits and opening heavens and feeling vibes. She had a little cheat sheet that gave insight on the party attendees so they were believers! Most of them have triplets and twins (Olivia has 14 kids!) in their futures.

Grandma lent us her potato sacks. This was a good activity for the masses though I think tall people have an advantage! Oh, and I saved presents for last this time because a few people (ahem) told me I was breaking party law for opening them at the beginning of a party. What is the protocol on this? I had really firmly thought beginning was how it was done! But it did work well at the end.

After the family party at Peteetneet, we had some birthday brownies. Note the pink hair extensions. Though I'm ready for bed, AK is still up (a birthday bonus, naturally), playing her new Pixel Chix Roomies (Ack!), and wanting R and I to play Barbies. She has been counting down this day forever and luckily it has lived up to expectations.

Happy Birthday Anika!

Monday, August 11, 2008

We gonna dance

Well, "So You Think You Can Dance" is now officially over. is the fuel for my dancing fire. While viewing the blessed show I think, "hey- if those peoples can learn how to ballroom and crump and jazz it in one 3-hour session then why can't I?"
And truly, even if I can't, I am so excited right now to think that I can. Quite empowering. That is why I want to do lots of things; paint, write, therapize, be president....because the idea of it before I do it is such a hopeful and excited one. I am still working on the not-getting-bored-of something new-once-I've tried it and -it doesn't-come-naturally- issues.

Back to the DVD. I bought this on amazon. I've tried it! And I'm gonna be a hip-hop danca. No, really. I was shakin' it and crankin' it and hittin' it. So this will be a fun way to exercise. No more Jane Fonda. Well, I hadn't done JF in about 10 years but there is a reason for that. Because she couldn't funkify her boring stand-still aerobics moves. This girl wears no spandex! Homey pants. And sure, a bare-midriff but just so she shows us how it can tone our abs, which is very important, right?

Anyone want to have a good time, come on over. Oh, and we also have a Salsa DVD you can borrow. This is one you can learn with your hubbies. We did it once. It was good times, but my hubby don't have no latin rhythm in his jig. So if anyone out there can picture their handsome hubby in black tight pants and a red button-up shirt (preferably a waxed chest as well), please know I've got the goods!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Since my real present is still in the mail...

In honor of this special day, my gift to Russell is to publish his 32nd out to Blog Land.
And write a poem to go with all the hubbub.

Tis a man I see that is so grand
who is learning to strum guitar with hand

who tries so hard to make cool voices
and makes the coolest quotes about choices (I'll have to tell you it one day)

who can make planters hang with extra computer wire
and has patience to roast marshmallows (to perfection) in fire.

who could get mad at me if he was me but is him so does not,
who is kind e'en to strangers from tall down to tot.

who is a person who does the job right
and has a way with the cheapest of kite

Happy Birthday Russell Evan
you're one year more wise
and this poem I find
really has no lies!

Monday, August 4, 2008

I know you've all been itching

To know who the winner of the yummi gummies is!

"Summer is hot so jump into the pool
Enjoy it while you can - soon it's back to school :("

Yes, that's right...T! Congratulations.

Megz, Anika isn't easily swayed by overly-obvious flattery. And Laura, she did like your poem and the potty-word but this girl is all about QUALITY!! This giveaway taught me a lot about my eldest. In fact, I am so proud of ther I am giving her the gummies instead. Ha ha! Just kidding. I'll ship them out soon T. You must keep them in the car, though. That is my requirement.

Thanks to all that contributed poems. All you that didn't participate- you will have an opportunity soon enough. I'm looking around the house for the next item to give or auction. Wouldn't that be fun? An auction on my soon to be DI-ed valuables?