Saturday, August 9, 2008

Since my real present is still in the mail...

In honor of this special day, my gift to Russell is to publish his 32nd out to Blog Land.
And write a poem to go with all the hubbub.

Tis a man I see that is so grand
who is learning to strum guitar with hand

who tries so hard to make cool voices
and makes the coolest quotes about choices (I'll have to tell you it one day)

who can make planters hang with extra computer wire
and has patience to roast marshmallows (to perfection) in fire.

who could get mad at me if he was me but is him so does not,
who is kind e'en to strangers from tall down to tot.

who is a person who does the job right
and has a way with the cheapest of kite

Happy Birthday Russell Evan
you're one year more wise
and this poem I find
really has no lies!


rut said...

Thank you, Cocoa!

We really should get rid of that kite...

T said...

Happy B-day :) What a tribute - now we'll all be wondering what the mailman (or woman) delivers in the days to come

LC said...

Those are the presents that are REAL. Very fun poem!

Happy Birthday wishes to rut on this great day!

Can I call him the Mormon wire?

Megz said...

You sure are on a poetry kick lately, aren't you? As well you should be, since you have a knack! (that nice comment was Rut's real b-day present so he doesn't have to think I am being mean to his wife)
Hope your day was extra special and you get some new cool sunglasses and a new cool outfit that doesn't make you too hip!

Diana said...

i especially liked the line "who could get mad at me if he was me but is him so does not". that IS one of the great things about russell. he has turned you into a bit of a sweetie. . .(with just a little tart left for fun).

LC said...

I liked that line diana mentioned too--I've thought that about my own BD many a'time--you expressed it so well.

cold cocoa said...

Wow, it must be my birthday too because all you guys are so nice about my poem and Diana called me a sweetie. In the spirit of our happiness I wish I could give everyone a piece of cake.

Michelle said...

Happy B-Day Rut! I knew he was a great guy when he walked into the same classroom and sat by his brother-in-law's girlfriend and didn't feel weird about it. You have to be courageous and confident to do that.

rut said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes, all. You're a kind lot.

Sher said...

CC, you did a really good job with your poem and R told me himself that you did a good job spoiling him (which doesn't surprise me). I expect you are very fun -- especially on special occasions.