Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer expectations met and going off on nerd-hood

Anika painted her face just for fun

Why this summer was the best summer ever:
  1. There were lots of ripe tomatoes and zucchinis (from others) and eggplant (?)
  2. We went swimming a lot, like at our family reunion (glad she didn't notice there wasn't much more swimming than that)
  3. going to swimming lessons (she can swim now!!)
  4. staying up late (seriously too late- 9:45 pm average)
  5. not going to school
  6. lots of playing with friends
  7. There were lots of fun things to do outside (bike/friends/park, repeat)
  8. Shave ice
  9. Ice cream
  10. Parties and BBQs
  11. My birthday!
Summer is really fun because of all those reasons. Dictated by Anika K.

Isn't this the funnest jacket ever? This is Sammy's new black corduroy jacket from TJMaxx. Look at the fun pins and embroidery. His first stylish clothing item! It's going to look great with his mohawk. My boy gonna be cool. I was wondering what makes boys nerds and even though Russell does computer stuff daily and could definitely fit the nerd mold if he wanted, he isn't a total nerd. Why? Because he doesn't relish in his techie prowess. He doesn't speak C+ to neighbors. He doesn't hide out on the computer and play online games with co-workers. He does recreational things and isn't afraid of outdoors and sports. He dabbles in a lot of things.. what a great hubs. And I love the nerd in him that always allows me a working computer and internet connection. That's where I'm the nerd. Cheers to you RK!


T said...

everyone should have just a little bit of a nerd hiding inside... but then get a cool jacket like Sammy's to cover it up!

cold cocoa said...

I agree T. Well said.

Also, I just re-read the post and I hope I don't come off as putting down nerd-hood. I do think a little nerdity in us all is beneficial!

Sher said...

Derek prides himself in speaking both computer geek language and regular people language (as if computer people aren't regular people?) but the "regular people" at his work say that he still speaks a bit on the foreign language side of "regular" -- does that make sense? Hmm. Der also says I should not call him hub:) I enjoyed Anika's list of summer fun and I think I can't see the jacket properly in the picture so I'll give my opinion when I see Sammy wearing it.

Megz said...

I need to see Swammy in the jacket--at first I thought it was for R. I remember giving the silent treatment to two friends in jr high who called me a nerd because I was in orchestra. But it's because the truth hurts. I was a nerd; I am a nerd; but I am a really cool nerd.

LC said...

In my high school orchestra was COOL. Laugh if you want to, BD does...whatever.

Cool boy babies are wearing embellished jackets with lots of detailing apparently--fun shopping item Erin. I haven't had to do much shopping for Cannon but when I do, I'll be picking up some jeans with lots of detailing. They will be fitted (if not tight) which is very cool right now--or is that just for EMO's?

cold cocoa said...

Thanks for the new word LC!

"The term "Emo" is used as counterculture; it is an abreviation of the word "emotional". Emo it's defining not only an attitude, but also a fashion that are coming from emocore (emo music). Emocore is a combination between hardcore and punk music which was very popular in Washington DC in the late 80's. The emo culture continued to develop between '90 and '00, reaching the height of its popularity today."

T said...

CC - did you copy and paste that straight out of Wikipedia... even with a teenager I wasn't THAT with it on the term... I just knew it wasn't preferable

Terry and Melissa Rees said...

That's so funny that you discussed emo. Me and Maria were just talking about it! I apparentely didn't know what it meant so she "corrected" me. And I also wish Terry and I had just a little bit of nerd in us. If anything happens to our computers, it's off to the Geek store!