Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Sum-up and Sub-down

Well, this was an interesting weekend. Friday night Anika got the fun (she seems to go to the most social events in the family) and went to a back-to-school party where 21 (!) girls were invited. The parents were forking out beaucoup bucks to feed pizza, ice-cream, punch, and make bracelets to all these 7-year olds. They also got to watch High School Musical 2. Of course!

While she was shin-diggin at the jamma party, the rest of us hit a reception. It was an odd reception. Kind of like a camp-out in the mountains without the fire and sleeping part but with the smoke smells and food that you keep in plastic wrap straight from Sam's Club. The festivities and excitement of a new marriage weren't there. Now granted, most receptions are not exciting for the guests and a bit socially awkward as well but it's strange when the reception isn't even exciting for the married persons.

Saturday I took Anika and Sammy on the most unfruitful shopping trip of my life. I enjoy shopping enough that I am happy as long as I buy one thing, even if it took several hours. However, this was not good. When did finding shoes that fit and don't have HSM or HM on them become such a trial? We got a lot of walking in at two malls (I know- sad) and didn't buy one thing. I have this weird rule that I can buy additional items at a store (like clothes for the other kids or toys for O's bday in this case) ONLY if I buy the item I intended to buy initially. In this case the shoes. So I put back the Soccer Coach Barbie for O and the clothes for family picture I had collected (there's always a reason to buy, right?) at Mervyn's because we didn't find any shoes there. It's like punishing Mervyn's! So that's my weird rule. So I come home feeling all ornery and mad that I didn't at least buy that durn Barbie and I get online. Hey- I always do this first! But last week when I checked they didn't have a sale. But there were the shoes I knew fit Anika, and they were 20% off and free ship. So there you go. Moral of the story? What should it be anyway? We enjoyed bonding together. Anika was happy, because she got a milkshake and Arby's melt. And their chocolate turnovers are heavenly! GO ARBY'S. I'm a fan. And I like shopping! I was just a little sad. But I'm okay now.


rut said...

Yes, Anika has a lot of fun--but it's always nice to shake up the family environment a little. Even leaving one child out of the mix makes the family dynamic so different, and I enjoy that change. Different kids get different attention, you know?

And Cocoa, does this ring any bells (re: shopping trip)? "The purpose of the task is to strengthen the relationship." Michelle will find this a familiar phrase, as well.

I do admire your unwritten rule. I think it keeps the shopping trip focus in place, and minimizes the "impulse buy" track. You know I would've made you buy those things, though, if I were there.

And look! Another replacement for flowers--an Arby's turnover. "DH" out.

Megz said...

Arby's turnover? Strange how far you can stray from roast beef.
Amen to finding un-commercialized shoes that don't cost lots of moolah. Sad thing is that the kids LIKE the plastic characters all over everything.
I'm so sad O isn't getting her soccer coach Barbie. Are her cleats high-heeled?

T said...

down with character shoes! I'm debating your rule here... I'm sure though that I need something a little more strict in place for myself because I NEVER go into a store without at least 5 things on my "this is what I'm buying" list... perhaps no "extras" unless I can get EVERYTHING on my list under my expected price? Yeah, maybe I'd better just learn to stay home more - it's running into stores for "one thing" that gets me into trouble anyway!

Terry and Melissa Rees said...

Leave your email address on my blog comment and I'll give you my address. I won't publish it!

LC said...

That story makes me feel better about not having access to a I thought I was missing out on all these fun shopping trips.

Are those Arby's turnovers that good? I might try sometime... maybe better than the mediocre milkshakes.

Sher said...

Anika's friends must have really "fun" parents -- or really crazy ones. It sounds like fun as long as all of those 7 year olds were getting along! That reception did sound odd -- I guess now you know what you don't want for your girls. As for the shopping, I'm impressed Anika was happy even though no shoes were found. Treats are helpful in that event.

stephanie huff said...

I am trying one of your recipes tomorrow for dinner. I will let you know the results.