Monday, August 11, 2008

We gonna dance

Well, "So You Think You Can Dance" is now officially over. is the fuel for my dancing fire. While viewing the blessed show I think, "hey- if those peoples can learn how to ballroom and crump and jazz it in one 3-hour session then why can't I?"
And truly, even if I can't, I am so excited right now to think that I can. Quite empowering. That is why I want to do lots of things; paint, write, therapize, be president....because the idea of it before I do it is such a hopeful and excited one. I am still working on the not-getting-bored-of something new-once-I've tried it and -it doesn't-come-naturally- issues.

Back to the DVD. I bought this on amazon. I've tried it! And I'm gonna be a hip-hop danca. No, really. I was shakin' it and crankin' it and hittin' it. So this will be a fun way to exercise. No more Jane Fonda. Well, I hadn't done JF in about 10 years but there is a reason for that. Because she couldn't funkify her boring stand-still aerobics moves. This girl wears no spandex! Homey pants. And sure, a bare-midriff but just so she shows us how it can tone our abs, which is very important, right?

Anyone want to have a good time, come on over. Oh, and we also have a Salsa DVD you can borrow. This is one you can learn with your hubbies. We did it once. It was good times, but my hubby don't have no latin rhythm in his jig. So if anyone out there can picture their handsome hubby in black tight pants and a red button-up shirt (preferably a waxed chest as well), please know I've got the goods!


Megz said...

Oh the visuals that this post conjured in my mind! I would pay good gas money to drive over and peek through your windows when you're 'getting down'. Not to mention you and Rut trying out the Latin dancing.
Please please please post some video footage. And has all this dancing made you any more flexible, or can you still only bend and touch your knees?

T said...

Is there a guarantee that I can look like the chica on the cover? Tan and all?

if only I lived closer... then I could tag along with Meg and peek in your windows :)

LC said...

Forget peeking through the window--I want to join! Especially the salsa--I'm a huge fan of all things Latin--we could have some empanadas after to make up for the calories we burned.

Sher said...

I can totally picture Derek in black tight pants and a silk shirt or something but I don't think he'll go for the waxed chest -- ouch! Okay so he wouldn't go for anyone but I have a good imagination. The hip hop dancing thing sounds fun so I want to try that one. Maybe when the kids are in school I can come over and we'll try it. I think I can take it if you laugh at me. I would like to see you and Russell trying to Salsa -- I'd like to see any of the men in the family trying to Salsa with their wives -- that would be fun. Watching Jordan do the 70's dance last year was top entertainment -- and he did well!

Sher said...

Okay I have to fix one thing. I didn't mean Derek "wouldn't go for anyone" -- I meant "wouldn't go for any of it".

rut said...

I'm in full support of this dance revolution. I do not support the waxing of my chest, and I will probably be working on my guitar chords quietly in the corner, enjoying the spectacle myself, when y'all peek through the windows.

Okay, maybe a salsa or two.

cold cocoa said...

I will gladly post video footage. You can follow my moves in the privacy of your own home Megz.

Sher, LC, we'll shake down at my place.

T- you know they have plenty of places you can get a spray-on tan these days, so no worries there.

And're right- I can only touch halfway between my knees and foot. But that is progress. How far can YOU reach?

Michelle said...

I've been saying all along that the key to a handsome man is good pants, especially latin dance pants. Everyone knows the reason Josh won the show--his good pants--irresistible to the teeny boppers who vote.
Good for you CC, choosing to exercise for fun instead of sitting on the couch and watching the olympics. Blessings from heaven for that one.

cold cocoa said...

Michelle, did you want Josh to win? Do you really think it was his pants? I loved how they made fun of his bigger booty and it's cool he made that work for him. I still think Will could have taken it though!