Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Carnival minus the scary clowns and sticky rides

my steady hand painting rainbows and flowers

Happy Birthday Anika! I saw an idea for a Carnival Party in the Parents magazine. I really liked the idea, so we made it work for us. It could have been cuter with more fancy looking signs but you know what? I feel fine spending as little time on the prep as possible. We had a bean bag toss and clothespin drop cousin Ike was in charge of, a squirting booth (thanks family reunion idea), a kissing booth (guess the kisses in a jar), face painting, fortune teller, potato sack races and popcorn and corndogs.

A view of the backyard. I am much happier having parties outside. And we've got shade, which makes it happen.

Megz was the best fortune teller ever. And who has outfits just waiting for occasions like this like she does? She was calling down spirits and opening heavens and feeling vibes. She had a little cheat sheet that gave insight on the party attendees so they were believers! Most of them have triplets and twins (Olivia has 14 kids!) in their futures.

Grandma lent us her potato sacks. This was a good activity for the masses though I think tall people have an advantage! Oh, and I saved presents for last this time because a few people (ahem) told me I was breaking party law for opening them at the beginning of a party. What is the protocol on this? I had really firmly thought beginning was how it was done! But it did work well at the end.

After the family party at Peteetneet, we had some birthday brownies. Note the pink hair extensions. Though I'm ready for bed, AK is still up (a birthday bonus, naturally), playing her new Pixel Chix Roomies (Ack!), and wanting R and I to play Barbies. She has been counting down this day forever and luckily it has lived up to expectations.

Happy Birthday Anika!


Megz said...

Anika deserved such a fun day. My boys kept on commenting on how many treats there were at the party and we all know that more treats= more fun!
I still don't know where you learned to open the presents at the beginning of a party. I swear it's always been at the end for all the parties I'm invited to (seriously can't remember the last party I went to).

LC said...

Happy Birthday Anika!
What a nice shady green backyard.--We could only have a pigs in the mud party in our yard.
Megz looks like she's taking her role as fortune teller very seriously. How was the face painting?
I have to say that it seems a little greedy :) to open the presents first thing. Afterall, it is the highlight so it seems like a better conclusion to the party. Plus the birthday girl can then send everyone home and enjoy her new toys all to herself--now that's some good 'n greedy birthday fun.
Way to pull of such an awesome carnival party!

T said...

fun Fun FUn FUN!

Presents can probably be opened whenever you want to fit it in... BUT, it does become a problem when the kids want to play with the new toys instead of do "party stuff" so I usually save it until the end!

We may have to steal your carnival idea for a party around here... it looks like a blast - and a good way to entertain lots of kids for minimal cash outlay!!

Sher said...

Hey, I have the kids open presents first if we are going swimming or something and I'm going to take them directly home afterwards. We open them, eat cake and then leave them all at home. Anika did look happy last night and why not? What a great party! You are a fun Mom and way to enlist a fun Aunt to help.

Terry and Melissa Rees said...

I LOVE YOU!!! I can't believe how cute you and your family are! Sounds like life is going good for you!!

Kelly said...

Very cool party. You had so many fun activities -- it looked like a great time! And I love the fortune teller and how she is all decked out. That was a nice touch. I'll have to not let my boys see your blog entry though, lest they wonder why I never threw them parties that were that fun... :o) I'm glad that Anika had a fabulous birthday. You've just raised the bar for next year!

cold cocoa said...

Melissa- welcome to my blog! Thanks. Keep posting.

Kelly, same to you. And I know- next year we might just skip a party and go to Color Me Mine or something.

Terry and Melissa Rees said...

Yes, Erin, I am so glad I found you! You are definetely one of my favorite people in the world!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Anika! Those work out video's look totally fun! The salsa tango I so am makeing Sid learn thats to Hot! I love Jane Fonda, You wouldn't have the one were she is in like a red and purple striped leotard would ya!