Monday, August 4, 2008

I know you've all been itching

To know who the winner of the yummi gummies is!

"Summer is hot so jump into the pool
Enjoy it while you can - soon it's back to school :("

Yes, that's right...T! Congratulations.

Megz, Anika isn't easily swayed by overly-obvious flattery. And Laura, she did like your poem and the potty-word but this girl is all about QUALITY!! This giveaway taught me a lot about my eldest. In fact, I am so proud of ther I am giving her the gummies instead. Ha ha! Just kidding. I'll ship them out soon T. You must keep them in the car, though. That is my requirement.

Thanks to all that contributed poems. All you that didn't participate- you will have an opportunity soon enough. I'm looking around the house for the next item to give or auction. Wouldn't that be fun? An auction on my soon to be DI-ed valuables?


T said...

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my biggest fan Anika... without her encouragement I never would have made it this far :)

Hmmm... now I will have to come up with a give away - sounds perfect for "simplify my life" week... I have lots of stuff down in my scrapbook room still in its packaging... (though I'm afraid that's right up there with CC's DI stuff for some of you)

LC said...

I had my own little panel of judges over here--2 2nd graders. They kept changing their minds but this was their final decision: Kate voted for rut's poem about the breeze and her friend voted for cc's carnival poem.
maybe i'll have to go for a younger judging panel to win with the poo.

That was a fun post to get our creative juices flowing! Good job cc!

Megz said...

One word: LAME.
We all know that there was some parental advice along the way on how to pick a winning poem. Anika's heart really picked mine but she knew that would disapoint the adults she has to live with. I'll just have to buy my own gummis to put in the car and eat sour grapes with them.

T said...

you slammin' my poet skills Meg? If you will feel better I'll share with you, just keep in mind that means they'll have to stay in the car from their arrival date until September (we're not gonna miss Onion Days after all!)

Sher said...

I am truly sorry to have been so far behind that I missed the contest. You'll have to do it again so I can try to guess what kind of poetry Anika would like. I finally read all of the blogs last night and am trying to comment today but maybe I should have re-read them first? Keep up the good blogging.