Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Giveaway and cute Man Boy

Seriously the cutest little Sammy I've ever seen.....

Well, the cute boy is pictured above. He is getting a hang of this eating thing! I love determination to attack the spoon and suck it dry.

Second thing? I want to give away a package of my favorite non-chocolate treats, sour gummi worms. I may substitute anything I have on hand if I so desire but I'll try to give you the real deal, or Target brand, since it is pretty dang good. Nothing better than a soft, car-warmed gummi worm.

What's the catch? Well, I want you to give away something too so I can win something. But you don't have to if you're stingy.

The person who writes the best two line poem about summer (determined by Anika) will win the gummis. Deadline is Monday, August 4th at 6 pm.

Good luck!


Megz said...

I love those gummis warm like you gave them to me last time. So here goes:
'Parades, picnics and sweet summer fest,
but of all the kids Anika's the best!'
That better win, or I'll know you didn't really let her judge.

Michelle said...

Nothing like swimming in the pool
to make me feel like a fool.

Surely not a winner I know,
but it beats poems about snow.

T said...

Summer is hot so jump into the pool
Enjoy it while you can - soon it's back to school :(

Okay, the meter's really off... and the subject matter a little depressing...

(and yes, Sammy is WAY cute in those photos!)

cold cocoa said...

Come on....Megan, I need another one and everyone else I am still waiting!

cold cocoa said...

Of course I need to get into the running. It is my favorite treat after all.

Riding bikes, swimming, eating a cone,
carnivals, fireworks, it's all in the zone!

LC said...

Thanks for xtending the deadline.

I like gummies yes I do!
I played at the park and stepped in poo!

(A little potty humor never hurts when you're dealing with 2nd graders)

LC said...

Silly me! I don't even know what day it is--that's what a vacation will do--ha.

I also wanted to mention that Sam looks cute and I think he might really like a new baby boon.

Also, that new cereal is good stuff--tastes great, more filling.

rut said...

With chores all done and shady trees,
Read your book--enjoy the breeze!