Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good town fun

...cute Sammy and the blessed suckable seatbelt

Well, there is a week every year devoted to fun city partying. Carnival time. Lots of expensive food is sold, cotton candy is 4 dollars, much to R's sadness (I promised him the store-bought 99 cent kind for later), and booths are set up selling eagle camouflage car seats, dream-catchers and many other oddities.
The first night of the carnival all rides are 1 dollar. We usually hit this night. Sadly, we didn't make it last night due to busy-ness and light fatigue and we paid for that mistake today. However, the girls were okay with their limited number of pricey rides because of the promise of Shave Ice (you have to try it!) afterward. I love the value of a treat. It saved the day.

This was Olivia's first year on the roller coaster so I went with her. I've seen kids go it alone at age 2-3 and I really didn't want my child to be the one screaming while the dazed carni worker looks on. That choice gave me some good whiplash but even if the choo-choo barely goes 15 mph it still gave me an adrenaline rush.

I'm glad we are getting Mom's money worth with the reunion shirt. Anika is proud that she's worn it two days in a row. It is one of her few shirts that cross over as both a pajama shirt and day shirt. The others being, well, her other reunion shirts.

Don't you love small town fun? We bought Isabelle some cool sunglasses and tried to bargain to get 3 for 10 dollars but we did it all wrong. Russell was supposed to say "I'll give you 10 dollars for these 3 glasses", instead he said "could we get a deal if we buy these 3 glasses?" which us good bargainers know is not a good approach. But I'm only good in my head, which is why I made Russell do the job. We'll have to practice together before we do this next time.

The end.


rut said...

Well, it just looked like that guy had been having a slow business day, so I felt for him a little, and I was too weak to barter for that reason.

I like living here because it sometimes feels like everybody is a friend. Especially when you buy candles, sunglasses, hairclips, or Hawaiian Style Shave Ice from them.

But I guess a true friend would've given us 3 for 10 even if I did barter poorly.

T said...

somebody has to be willing to barter, I usually leave it up to the hubby because I'm no good at it... not even in Mexico.
Lots of good clean fun - and what a great picture of Anika :)

(hey, I think I have a blue stroller that we're done with... though it might have already gone off to DI...)

Megz said...

You'd think Anika was driving the Indy 500 from that picture of her. And R, bartering and your tender heart just don't go together so maybe make Erin do it. That way she can't hold a grudge against you when you fail.
Can't wait for the City of Fun to hit our neck of the woods. Actually, I can.

cold cocoa said...

Simple pleasures Megz. She was driving in the Indy 500! You gotta enjoy the easy pleasin' while you can. T- I don't even notice the pink stroller anymore! I had planned on buying a blue one but then the pink one still was working...and he does have a nice manly contrast, doesn't he?

LC said...

Those kids are almost ready for Disneyland!

The pink stroller? I say go with it! It sends the message--"I will not fall into the trap of American overconsumption. I reduce reuse recycle."

T said...

hey, no prob... both my girls got trucked around in blue strollers - of course, when people complimented my little pony-tailed pink wearing "boys" I cracked up!

Michelle said...

We had our first fair experience two weeks ago with A in the female stroller, too. The Renaissance Fair really brings out the "culture" in a small town. B whined the whole time about wanting to jump in the bouncy house at the whopping price of a dollar for three minutes. Needless to say we did not let the whining and prices deter us from enjoying the day. Next year we will skip this fair and attend the more family friendly one without the velvet bra shirted ladies wandering around smoking with their lap dogs.

ddrussel said...

Erin, it is nice to see that you can attend the carnival with rose-colored glasses. We used to go to Steel Days in AF (which my husband thought was a state holiday). We quit going the year that I saw a carni wearing a shirt that read "Charles Manson Fan Club". I mean it is great to have a hobby...Anyway, my work does a carnival and we were able to get our feet wet. Stockton tried to stand up on the ferris wheel and I knew we were going to be on the news. City carnivals are way out of our league.

cold cocoa said...

Michelle-I loved the imagery of those women.
DD- they should really have uniforms. That would be a bit unsettling to say the least.

Good times guys!