Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why I love January

So many people talk smack about January because they're hungover on all the presents and eggnog December brings. I used to be one of those people. I felt like January was just a cold, dreary, frigid friend, but I have decided to turn things around. Just look at some of the happy January moments.

Cute pasteled coat girls making the smallest snowman ever. Olivia couldn't stop eating the sweet sugary snow.

Look at the blue sky snow majesty!

Look who's finally coming back! My violent Kiefer friend, and the hotties from Lost. I just can't get over the greatness that is LOST.


stephanie said...

convincing argument. But I am going to say January is still gloomy.
Your girls looked cute in their winter attire next to the tiny snowman.

Megz said...

You are so dang poetic about snow and frigid friends and TV shows--how can you not be published anywhere?
Winter TV is the best though. Except for those non-sweeps months.

LC said...

Way to be the glass half full kind of person. (is eggnog in that glass?)
May I add a few of my own:
American Idol, An historic Inauguration?, and with mortgage rates dropping it's a good time to refinance--yeah!basement!

T said...

LOST makes it all worth it :)

rut said...

I'm with you. I loved that warm day last week when the girls could go out and love the sledding for three hours!

And then Cocoa went out there to shovel (shame on me, I know, but she wanted to), and took sled rides with the kids, and even Sammy got a turn.

You think we can work 24 into an FHE lesson tonight?

Terry and Melissa Rees said...

I have always found January and February to be very "down" months, but after reading your post there is new hope! A friend of my sister in law did our pictures. She's amazing!

Anonymous said...

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Sher said...

Trisa likes 24 -- I haven't seen it. I've never watched Lost either. I do like Monk and Psych and the new ones are out. I like your happy outlook and your nice pictures (a new hobby?) I am finding January really busy -- but in a mostly happy way.

Hayley said...

Love the snowman.
Love the blue skies.
and love, love love, LOST.

liz said...

I need to have a better attitude about winter... because I can't STAND January! Bring on the spring baby!

Anonymous said...

Hey neighbor! Lost was so good. It still is so wierd to me. But I love it!

Maria said...

You are correct about me being too in control. So much so that after one drink I am done. I can barely hold my liquor.

The Moneypenny is a delightful and refreshing blend of Skyy vodka, raspberry liqueur, cranberry juice and a cherry garnish. I know you'll never try it, but trust me, it's delish.