Tuesday, September 29, 2009

August Collage

Click to see bigger pictures, if you'd like, if you love my kids that much. So just a quick catch-up...August was Anika turning 8 and getting baptized. Big event. We went to Color Me Mine for her birthday party and that was a really fun crafty thing to do. Great for all ages...paint your own ceramic things! Who doesn't love using creative juices every once and a while?

Isabelle started Kindergarten, which she enjoys. She had some awesome hair for crazy hair day! I miss Kindergarten, too. It was just a chill time with all the kids and treats and games.

Olivia started preschool and enjoys fighting with her friend over who gets to open the door every preschool morning. She had her 4th birthday and as you can tell, it was the perfect day.

Sam loves his woof from Ikea and will just lay on him whenever the mood strikes.

We hit Lagoon in Sept, which was a very great time to go weather-wise, especially since it was evening. Great times.

Soon I will post our Sundance collage. It was true beauty up there! We made it up Saturday, because we had to say we did it. There is still plenty of time to go; maybe 30 percent of the leaves had changed.


Megz said...

I love collages.
What darling kiddies. So nice to see Sammy with a dog and not a doll.

Maria said...

How did you do that collage? So cute! Glad you made it to Sundance!

stephanie said...

cute pictures. I am glad you made it to Sundance. Can't wait to see those pics.

Terry and Melissa Rees said...

Sounds like a busy month at your place! I also loved kindergarten. Why can't grown-up life be like that?