Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Goings and Comings and candy reviews

We made it through January, and now February is almost over. Hallelujah! Once we got Valentine's Day out of the way, the stores really got down to business. And here we go, once again. Easter candy joys. I already blogged about Cadbury Mini-Eggs and Reese's PB Eggs last year, so I guess I have to come up with some new material. Coconut Hershey's Kisses are really quite good! And in a fun bright blue wrapper! I know they have come out with coconut M&M's but I haven't seen them yet. I'm excited. As for non-chocolate treats, these jelly beans by SweeTarts are the only way to go. I am not a jelly bean person, mostly because the flavor on the inside doesn't go very far. But with SweeTarts, they give satisfying flavor the whole way through. And the flavors are tasty. None of that generic lime and cherry nastiness from other jelly bean brands.

Happy Birthday on Groundhog Day, Sam! Out of all his real birthday pictures, I just had to go with this one, because it is so true to him. Don't you just want to kiss his smoothie-laden face? Ok, maybe just me. And don't you wonder when he's going to finally eat that macaroni on his chest? You know I wasn't going to take it off, because it brought me great satisfaction every time I saw it still there.

Oh Isabelle....she wore that diaper (don't worry, unsoiled and remaining unsoiled) for a few hours just to be fun. I encourage my kids to be creative and regress every once in a while back to babyhood.

And part of regression that we need to fix...oh well. He gives more than he takes, which is the balance we all strive for in our relationships, right?
Thanks to Sam I am learning a lot of things I never knew or cared to know. Like all the kinds of building equipment. Trains. Tractors. Cars. YouTube has some awesome excavator and garbage truck clips. Thanks to you Samuel, I am becoming truly well-rounded.

Now on to March!


LC said...

Did you try the V-day Reese's PB hearts? They advertise WAY more PB than chocolate which is just what I like. Don't worry--I stocked up on the 50 percent off sale. Coconut and chocolate would be the next best mix.I'll have to try those!
What could be better than an open mouthed kiss from a 2yr old?....a chocolate covered one. Happy Bday Sam.

Melissa Rees said...

I walked down the candy aisle yesterday and thought of you! Alas, they didn't have the mini eggs!! I was so bummed, but I think my colon with thank me later.

rut said...

Who wouldn't want to sleep in a nice warm bed with soft bedding and a nice mattress, when the alternative is a plastic crib mattress that's been flipped over because the other side is ripped? Once you've tasted...

I concur on the jelly beans, and I'll race you to the bottom of the bag.

Michelle said...

Why is every holiday celebrated with candy? I have a hard enough time resisting everyday sugar. Why do they make it so irresistible? I can eat a whole bag of Reeses pb whatever-shape-for-the-holiday in one sitting. Groan.

Megz said...

Do you know when new shipments of candy come in? Are you on Hershey's email list or something?
I definitely wouldn't be kissing Sam's face after a smoothie that color. Did you use rotten bananas or something? (all snarky comments are purely in retaliation for all of yours on my blog!)
I'll have to trust your review of the jelly beans. Beans are never worth their calories in my book. Save 'em all for the good stuff like those Reeses eggs.

T said...

of course MY fave Easter candy is the egg shaped Reeses Pieces (the perfect blend of chocolate (none) to peanut butter is finally achieved :)

and my neighbor has gone from store to store in town looking for those coconut M&Ms down here - I'll have to tell her about the kisses, maybe they'll have to do for now :)

Jen said...

Coconut Hershey Kisses and M&M's????? How could I not know of such Easter enjoyment? I will begin the hunt for these candy treasures!
My all time favorites though are the big original Cadbury Egg and the ever classic Peeps (after they have been left uncovered for a couple of days).
Happy Birthday to your little man. I can't believe he is already 2. What a cutie!

stephanie said...

I really want to try the coconut hershey kisses.

I can't believe Sam is already 2. In my mind Peyton is a lot older than him but I guess he really is only a few months older.

Daralyn said...

I love your posts! Boys are fun, aren't they. Mine looks forward to Friday because it is garbage day and his eyes light up when he hears it coming! The snow plow just about does him in.

Just wait for yours to try to do his own laundry in the toilet because he can't reach the washer!

I am a purist--I just stick with the Robin Eggs & Reeses PB eggs. Both of my kids still cover their lips in blue from the Robin Egg and laugh hysterically!

Maria said...

I love Easter candy so much! I love this post too. So funny.

I've always had an enormous amount of respect and admiration for your mother, the fabulous Bon Bon, but when you posted on my blog that she bought 2001: A Space Odyssey and had you watch it for FHE...well, let me just say that Bonnie is now officially one of my favorite woman in the world. My mom always let us watch The Simpsons and your mom let you watch Stanley Kubrick. No one you guys were my favorite neighbors!

liz said...

You CRACK me UP! I love what goes on inside of your head! ha ha ha ha!