Friday, February 29, 2008

Our Two Favorite Toys

So these are the toys at our house that get played with several times a day by each girl.

First is Anika's Christmas present, a Pixel Chix digital toy. You can see Is playing it during lunch. Anika likes to take it to the bathroom so no one will bother her (I make sure to sanitize the buttons after these special trips). The digital girl asks questions about which clothes to wear/what to do/what to eat, etc.; purely mindless stuff, which makes it quite appealing to young children. Isabelle and Olivia recently got more bold with Anika at school and have more comfortably started playing with her prized toys while she's away. Now Anika is used to everyone playing with it, which is nice.

Second is the LeapFrog LeapPad which has really made a comeback in our home. When Anika first got it at age 3, she wasn't too interested. She'd play it every now and then, but usually out of suggestion from a parent. But now- interest by other siblings breeds interest for self. (you can quote me if you'd like) We have the microphone LeapPad which adds a lot of fun with the singing and question games. The princess book also gets a lot of use. I am so happy this once questionable present turned out to be a winner. I know now I don't need three of every toy- all it takes is one toy and several kids wanting to take a turn so bad.


Megz said...

I'm glad the Leappad paid off. Do you want to buy our V-smile? So not worth it. I want to trade it in for a wii.

Anonymous said...

Hey neighbor, How are you? Are you getting ready for our summer stroller walks. You're new baby is adorable. I need to come and see him. How is it with four. Hope to see you soon at the park.

rut said...

I think leappad will help educationally with Isabelle's reading and the like, as long as she and Livia quit repeatedly pressing Cinderella's wicked stepsisters saying "What's she got that we don't got?" while watching Cinderella dance with her prince.

Now the Pixel Chix--we can only hope there's some value in playing with that endlessly.

Come on, Spring... we need you.