Sunday, February 17, 2008

What Mesmerizes Babies

We have a pack and play we have used as a changing table for all four of our kids. As each newborn has been introduced to the wonderful world of diaper changing, they quickly become fixated on the warning sign sticker located on the left side of the changing table. No fail. It makes diaper changing time quite pleasant, and as a bonus I get 10 extra minutes to run around and get things cleaned up while they lie there hypnotized. We know babies don't see much at a few weeks old- but they can see contrasts. And the black and white little words on the warning sign seem to be right up the developmental alley of cute little babies. Who would have thought? Thanks Graco!


Megz said...

It's about time we saw Sam's debut. I don't think it's the color contrast he's intersted in. I think he can really read!