Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Commercial for Brain Quest?

(First, imagine me holding the product with my hair done wearing my best clothes, teeth possibly whitened)

This is Brain Quest. I discovered this on amazon.com.

When you are with your child one-on-one, in the car, hanging around on a Sunday afternoon, or just looking to encourage your child's brain activity, this "game" can help you feel like a good parent.

Examples are on the picture, but there are English questions, Math, Geography, Science, History, Grab Bag....all from Toddler age up to 5th grade levels. We have 1st grade, with intentions to buy Preschooler next time.

I'd be a lying lady if I didn't tell you that I've refreshed my knowledge on a few important trivia facts. Who knew that penguins live in Australia and not just Antarctica?

Anika loves playing this game and it makes her (and me) feel smart. Most of the questions seem fun rather than work.

So if you're looking for a fun car or summer mind stimulating activity, try this one out. You just can't go wrong! (fade to black)

750 questions. $10.95. Two sets of cards held with a little nail thingy.


Megz said...

That was just about as good as the Life commercial I made up when I was 9 and sent to the company. They sent me a certificate of appreciation. Sounds like a fun game though. I try to make my kids watch Jeopardy with me and tell them I'll change the channel once I miss a question. This works lots better on Teen Week.

LC said...

Sounds fun. It always makes for a satisfying day when you can cram in some facts about the world we live in and even better when you can share them. If only we had photographic memories. An. will probably remember all that stuff.
Adrie is the one in our family that can soak up info and spit it back out--like when we had an art lesson and a few weeks later she saw the picture and said, "That's Queen Nefertiti," to our bewilderment. She wasn't even listening to that lesson?
BTW it is nice to see all your talents unfolding on your blog--advertising, hair-do's, etc. keep 'em coming.

Sher said...

Wow, great commercial, I'm even considering buying it with no more info and knowing that we just watch movies in the car and nothing else fun. Our excuse is it usually staves off car sickness.

Megan said...

Erin, I used to play that when I was younger, and I loved it! I'm glad that you have discovered it. I would play those games now but somehow Chad would get all the answers right, and I would end up feeling too competitive. :-)