Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Big City

There is something mysterious and intriguing about New York City. I know some people hate it, others love it. For me with my limited travel there, it still holds a lot of excitement and appeal. I would like to spend one month living there to get a real feel for the place and make my own decision as to whether I could be a city gal or not. And rather than the 300 sq ft apartments most live in, I'd really like to live in style, in a plush penthouse overlooking Central Park!

Interesting streets. Interesting people! Why do they
all want to live here? So many books and movies are
set in NYC. Why not Omaha? Why not Denver? NYC is the well-rounded Every City.

Central Park right there in the middle of it. I want to jog there and lay in the grass.

Broadway. I want to see some Broadway musicals at night and then trot back to my penthouse after having a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity. I really liked Serendipity (the movie) by the way. It was almost too agonizing for a romantic comedy but it had the right element of unbelievability to it.

Who doesn't want to see those Rockettes? They are so tall and it's not fair that they don't accept women under 5'7 or 5'6. Discrimination at its finest! My legs could kick just as high as theirs! Well, if I was flexible they could...

The shopping, oh the shopping! I don't think I care about Macy's since we have one here and I never go to it but I do care about the hush-hush underground shopping. The knock-offs. The beautiful bags. I didn't do my research beforehand on what kind I like so I sadly couldn't seal the deal. But next time I will. Also just having all the shops right down the street. "Honey, I'm going next door to buy some designer jeans!"
"Honey, could you go grab some milk from the corner store?"
Wouldn't it be kind of cool just to be able to walk everywhere because it's all so close?

And the Thanksgiving Parade. I love that parade even though I usually change the channel when it's on. I like the idea of it, and that it is in NYC. I also like that classic Christmas movie that has that cute little girl watching the parade from her apartment up high. Wouldn't that be cool? And what is the name of that movie?

The perfect Christmas tree to sing around followed by some more treats from the next door cafe. NYC is supposedly very magical at Christmas time! Just watch Home Alone in NY!

Of course there is a lot of other stuff to do in NYC like some good museums and fine dining places and culture stuff, but this is the essence of my someday city adventure. Anyone else interested in this fine locale?


Megz said...

Miracle on 34th street? Or was it 32nd? I haven't really watched it or the Thanksgiving parade either. Remember how we just walked around Times Square and didn't really know what to do and you never ended up buying anything in Chinatown? I love how you romanticize NYC though.
I still don't understand why you would live in a tiny crappy apartment there when you can live in a beautiful house here with your own miniscule Central Park right across the street. And isn't getting a gallon of milk at Macey's just as easy as buying one from the market on the corner?
And what is up with your Home Alone obsession? I thought that would have ended once that little boy turned out to be a not so cute man.

Diana said...

Getting milk at the market on the corner is so much more fun than packing the kids up in the car and driving to the grocery store. You get a nice walk in, some fresh air, the kids are happy even if you're not bribing them with dum-dums. . . but that is a life you can have in southern CA (where it doesn't snow and where the sewer isn't always belching up at you on the black, crowded sidewalks). Why aren't you fascinated with that paradisiacal locale?

T said...

Having never ventured to the big city - but always thinking of myself as a city girl growing up (Denver's a city right?) I think I would enjoy it if it were just Quinn and I... for awhile, but when I factor my children into the equation, I am thrilled to be where I'm at. I can walk to the shopping, I just don't enjoy walking home with all those bags - I watch the big parade every year the same way I'd watch it there... on the TV (okay, I'd maybe once freeze my keister off, just for the experience)... there's a lot of cities in this world - I think that Hollywood just puts them in NY usually because everyone's heard of it and the recognizability is worth bucks. Really, who's going to be interested in a bunch of barely employed 20 somethings hanging out at the bear claw cafe here in St. George - but stick them in NY and you've got "Friends", it's gold!

T said...

crud - my comments are longer than my own blog - sorry!

cold cocoa said...

Megan- you're way too practical. And Mac Caulkin is okay. His girlfriend is cute at least.
Diana,I liked the imagery of the sewer belching. Nice.
Tonya, actually I think you're on to something with the Friends in St. George thing. Red Cliffs and Romance.

LC said...

I know I am a city girl and what cooler city is there than NYC? I have the same fascination with it. I think it would be way cool to live there--for a year--back in time --pre-children. It would take at least a year to explore all those cool districts and museums and make some ethnic friends--maybe get invited to a Bar Mitzvah.

cold cocoa said...

I'm with you Laura! So much to see and do.

lkm said...

NYC? Nah, I wouldn't want to live there. Plus it is so expensive. If you are going to live somewhere so expensive why not live in the beautiful, easy-going, perfect-weather country sides of Hawaii. Now that would be bliss. Once there, it sure is easy to forget any big city.

Anonymous said...

You're blog is so much fun! I love it. I will show you how to use it! I need to come see you. The weather is almost clear. Yeah!

Anonymous said...

About New York! I would probably be a city girl! That sounds like a blast. I would love to go to the Thanksgiving parade. What other parades do they do.

cold cocoa said...

Leon, thanks for commenting. Hawaii might be too relaxing. NYC can keep you on your toes.

Gigi, you should stop by. I'm here!