Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How cheap, I mean frugal, are you?

Since our family has frugal tendencies, I thought I would make up a quiz to show just how cheap you are. This is something to be proud of, right?

1) Each time you change a diaper, do you think "here's another 20 cents" and even let your kid walk around with a 10 lb diaper to save dinero?
YES- 2 points
Not on purpose, but I'm happy at the end of the day when I only used 2 diapers. 1 point
NO- 0 points

2) Do you hang clothes to dry to save money?
YES- 1 point
NO- 0 points

3) Do you find youself freezing your ground beef into tiny chunks to save $?
YES- 1 point
NO- 0 points

4) Do you always get your food off the dollar menu when you're out to eat?
YES- 2 points
Most of the time- 1point
NO; I get what I want, dollar menu or not- 0 points

5) How often do you go to a non-fast food restaurant in a year?
1 or no times: 2 points
2-4 times: 1 point
5+ times: 0 points

6) Do you always buy the generic brand at the store?
YES- 2 points
Mostly- 1 points
NO; I try to buy the best product regardless of brand- 0 points

7) (taken from Tonya's blog) How much do you spend on friend gifts for a bday party?
10 dollars- no points
2-5 dollars- 2 points
6-8 dollars- 1 point

8) Do you find yourself impulse-buying at the store on occasion?
Each store visit- 0 points
Once a month I'll buy that box of cookies- 2 points
Twice a month I'll buy my special treat- 1 point

9) I will never buy a purse over 20 dollars.
True: 2 points
False: 0 point

10) I will never buy my dream car, even if I've got the $ for it, because it's not "practical".
True- 2 points
False- 0 points

11) I stick to my budget like a bandaid on skin.
True-2 points
False- O points

12) My heat is set to 62 or below at night to save money; 2 points
My heat is set to 63-65; 1 point
My heat is over 66- o points

13) My AC is set to 78 or higher during the summer days: 2 points
My AC is 75-77; 1 point
My AC is 74 or below; 0 points


If you got between 18-23, you are one tight mama! Go buy a candybar!

If you got between 12-18, you are still pretty tight, sorry.

If you got lower than 12, you are not as frugal as you may have thought.

If you feel comfortable sharing your score and feelings on this quiz, please feel free to do so.


Megz said...

I do feel like we are all in the running for Cheapo of the Year and therefore hate to divulge any big purchases for fear of losing the title (ahem, large flat screen TV owners)(myself included, of course). Let's all just get over the title and share all our impulse buys without fear of anyone wondering about our budgeting skills! My score was 19, btw.

Diana said...

if you've ever read the frugal gazette you'll know you're not nearly cheap enough to even be called that word! (anyone been washing out their plastic sandwich baggies lately?)

LC said...

My mom does that! whenever she sends us home with treats in one of those I grimace and say, "This wasn't ever used for meat or cheese products was it?? She also cuts the dryer sheets into fourths (I do halves) Anyway, according to the quiz I am "not as frugal as I thought" I have come a long way from being a college student who was too cheap to buy butter for my bread. But, maybe BD liked that about me those dating years.

cold cocoa said...

my score was 9. I also cut my dryer sheets in half. Megan might ask "what are dryer sheets?". Diana, what was your score? I might wash out the big ziploc bags. Well, if they weren't used for food. But maybe that's the green part of me, not the cheap side. I can be cheap on some things I don't care about (like ground beef usage) and splurge without guilt on that 10 dollar t-shirt...but then again, it is 10 dollars, so maybe that's still cheap of me?

T said...

okay, I admittedly got a low score (8) - but that was some pretty tough scoring... my every time impulse buys are usually something in the 99 cent range after all! I only half my dryer sheets... but I am pretty stingy about when I will use them and when I figure they're not necessary :) I have only ONCE washed out a baggie - then I realized how much water it took and invested in Tupperware!

Megan said...

I got a 13. Very proud.

Sher said...

I can't decide what my score is because when I splurge it is not on treats -- it's on those 3 or 4 dollar shirts. I just can't resist. I buy them less often maybe than once a month -- but they cost more than a candybar. Can I get a point anyhow? Then I'll have an 8 too. I never half my dryer sheets (does it still work? I hate static)so I probably should keep my 7 -- and Der thinks about how much diapers cost every time I use one so I should add points for that right?

Sher said...

Oh -- I just readded and I already had an 8. Yeah for me.

cold cocoa said...

Sher, who says it's good to have a high score? This quiz was slanted toward the extremely cheap to begin with, not just the moderately cheap. Be proud you can buy some good sale shirts!

rut said...

Hello. I got a 10, but it's because my good wifey has an influence on our purchases. I agree with Diana--can any of us really call ourselves "frugal" while we're living high on the hog? I complained to Erin that she didn't put anything about computer hardware purchases in her quiz, proudly saying that I've had my same old computer for four years. But the fact is, we have our own computers and a fast internet connection and a wireless network. You call that "frugal"? We also drive places with expensive gas, put our kids in dance classes, buy Kellogg's mini-wheats because the other kind "don't taste right", and worry ourselves about the color of our appliances.