Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kids and their free will

Each day I see my kids make their own choices. As parents we are trying to help our kids learn and grow. But how come they so often choose the way that leads to toil, turbulence, and tears? If they'd just do what I say then we would have such a harmonious home (not to mention a lot of free time on my end)! I followed my kids around with a camera and let them hurt each other all for the sake of this post. I hope I didn't go too far.

Olivia chose her own outfit and orange hair accessory. I try to give her style lessons on not mixing pink hearts and red plaids but she defies me.

Should we play together and
have fun like sisters dancing
in the meadow or should we
see who gets to tell Mom first
the other's iniquities....

Yep- that would be Olivia who got
called out first for
pinching Isabelle! You can totally see the guilt on her face as she's caught right in front of me.

No healthy
snack! I want

Okay, it was a little mean to
put the cookies in front of
her like that just for me to say no.
I did give her a tiny piece after that.

And the last chance I give them for making a better choice is an opportunity to help their Mother in the kitchen with dinner prep. Any takers??

Isabelle loves her remote

Oh yeah. How could I forget *Cyberchase is on

*actually, to be honest I'd rather not have them help me in the kitchen. I cherish my 5-5:30 time to be free while I throw dinner together. I'll teach them the basics of food preparation during the other 5 meals we have during the day.


Megz said...

Where was the hair pulling and scratching? Your trigger finger is a little too slow. I need to let my kids fight out their own battles more. Then, instead of two kids fighting, it turn into two kids fighting plus a mom yelling and how does that help?
Amen to dinner helpers. You know what they say about too many cooks in the kitchen....There will be plenty of time for them to learn to cook when they get married and their spouses can teach them.

Megz said...

Plus we all know that picture of Olivia being denied a cookie...make that ANOTHER cookie as it is obvious by her chocolate mouth she had been snacking on them all day. So of course she was confused as to why she couldn't have one just because you pulled the camera out!

T said...

I always think I will be a good mom and see if the kids want to help out... but there are so few things that I feel good allowing them to do that won't increase the time spent on meal prep exponentially. So I always end up being the bad mom and kicking them out... maybe they'd want to eat it better if they made it? maybe, but we're not finding out this week!

cold cocoa said...

Megan- I know. The face totally gave that one away. Thanks for looking at the pictures that close. Tonya- I know what you mean. Maybe if we had just 1 or 2 kids there would be enough time to spend doing such things?

LC said...

I like how instead of getting frustrated with those situations, you see the potential for a good post and start snapping shots. Blogs are great for that!