Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring moments

I love tulips. Oops..there is a weed within them! Isn't that a metaphor for something? Now you know that we haven't made time to start one of the unpleasant chores that comes with Spring beauty.
Speaking of Spring beauties...I always feel like a good Mom if I let my kids stomp in the puddles without any worry of the stain removal process that is inevitable afterward. Luckily there was no stomping today; just standing in the pounding rain for a few minutes.
Rain makes me thirsty. Anyone else? I like rainy days as long as they are just One Day. More than that induces gloom. Anyone else have a surefire pick-me-up similar to my mystery drink?


Megz said...

More than one day of rain makes you depressed? What about 'those special cloudy days'?? Nothing picks up my spirits like putting the kids to bed early. Mystery drinks taste better on hot days, BTW.

Sher said...

A funny movie, a good book, a good blog, or a chat with a good friend or family member can all help on a rainy day -- or a sunny one that doesn't feel happy.

LC said...

Cool bookshelf thing.
Spring is great. The girls were looking out the window awhile back and exclaiming, "There's green on the trees!" We are all excited to see some color again.
Is it okay to drink decaf mocha latte's? I don't! But, they sound so good.

T said...

I love a good rainy day now that we're far away from Seattle - even a few in a row are okay (but not weeks of grey, then it gets uggy)

Books are made for rainy days - and they're also good for cleaning, but that's not exactly a pick me up until you're done.