Friday, May 23, 2008

Chocolate Vanilla twist cone?

I was watching a show on KBYU the other night on ice cream. Not only did it make me salivate, it made me yearn to make memories! It basically was just a documentary on several different ice cream places around the U.S. and how the owners came to make ice-cream and why their shops brought in all the customers. We even went to Ben and Jerry's! People who work there get 3 pints a day! No wonder they looked well-fed, especially Ben. Anyway, ice-cream was equated to happiness, good memories, and good life.

Growing up, we got ice cream cones several times a year. I would even say once a month, but maybe my memory is being overly generous? We would go through the drive-thru at McD's for a cone. Chocolate Vanilla twist cone was my preference. Very regrettably, McD's doesn't make chocolate any more, those losers. I don't believe in vanilla.

After viewing the show, I vowed to take the kids for ice cream cones more often so they could have those endorphins in their mouth sparked more often and also so they can think I'm the best mom. Childhood memories are at stake here! I just need to find a place to go get good ice cream cones.

Do you guys have a place you go with your family for special treats? Do you believe in this being a good family bonding experience?


Diana said...

We have started the tradition of going to McDonalds for ice-cream cones. So what if it's vanilla (and not even real cream, either)? All four of us get a treat for under three bucks!

Megz said...

We are definitely an icee/slushee/slurpee gang when given an option. I am OK w/ no cones since my kids seem to not be able to eat them and then what's the point?

T said...

it's usually iceberg for us... where you can still get the twist cones... and even though we've seen the price go from .29 to .39 to .49 in consecutive summers, it's still a good deal!

I put all those filthy machine stories out of my mind and happily eat soft serve anyway!

LC said...

What about your mom's homemade variety? That is the best! We are huge fans of ice cream around here. That is one of a few food items besides gummy peachies that BD can get excited about so I try to make it for those special occasions like Father's Day coming up.

Don't get between me and my PB oreo shakes (Iceberg makes the best) or BD and his Bubble Yum.

We are bigger fans than the kids--they like popsicles and otter pops and for those special kid occasions: a trip to the Maverick freezer section will do.

Sher said...

Why don't you go to Glade's -- everyone loves it right? I think that's the name. We mostly don't do ice cream anymore. It's just one more thing Dan can't have though I'll have to try rice milk ice cream sometime -- though it can't really have cream in it. We go over to the local place here that serves delicious shakes for a treat now and then. I love cheap ice cream cones though and I never have thought about dirty machines until now -- thanks Tonya.

Megan said...

Chad and I like to walk to to SOS Drug on Main Street and get chocolate sodas or a scoop of ice cream. That way you walk there and don't feel so guilty eating ice cream! Plus then we are one of those cute little families walking down Main Street, living the good life! :-) I think ice cream can really bring families together, especially when there is plenty of chocolate sauce involved- I'm sure Russell would agree!

rut said...

I'm excited for the weather to break 70, which may elicit the return of the fine Hawaiian Style Shave Ice just north of the new Segway store and across the street from Glades.

And shoot, I'm down with a few more ice cream trips, too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a deffinetley a bonding experience and just getting out of the house and doing something fun! Then cleaning.