Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My beach house...

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

Lately I've been yearning for life on a farm. Well, lately meaning as of yesterday. Why, might you ask?
  • Seclusion.
  • Fresh smells.
  • No friends wanting to play all day long.
  • Working from dawn 'til dusk (well, maybe the indentured servants would do that).
  • Banjos and violins (Pa Ingalls playing the violin- what a peace to my soul!)
  • Animals (wait. I don't like their smell and hairs).
  • Cooking for my sweaty man (wait- I do that).
  • Tomatoes that don't have salmonella
Well, that last one pretty much sums it up. I am so sad we have salmonella in a bunch of tomatoes coming to our stores! I didn't care about spinach- that phase in my life lasted about 5 minutes. The bagged lettuce scare caused me to not buy lettuce for about 2 weeks. But the tomatoes. I love my tomatoes. How can we trust eating any produce if this nastiness continues? What about our beloved apples and bananas? Grapes? The only fruit my kids pop like candy, probably because it is?

All this stress is really driving me to my true summer daydream: living on the beach for a month in summertime. Preferably the North East shore. I could do the Hamptons. Wouldn't that be the ultimate family vacation? Laying out with daiquiris, reading, sand castle-izing, quaint store hopping, deep sleep every night. Oh yeah......


T said...

salmonella in our tomatoes now? Ugh... remind me again why I decided to be a more healthful person and learned to like vegetables... it seems like they can all kill me now! (I love fresh spinach)

I'm assuming you're drinking a virgin daquiri there in your quaint little beach house :) The idea of a quiet and extended beach vacation has some merit... but it might depend on which beach!

LC said...

Oh yeah! I'm already suffering from beach withdrawals--it's been too long. I think I remember letting BD know when he married me that I have to go to the beach at least once/year. Last year I got a beach picture instead and this year...well we got Cannon and he's pretty fun.

May I suggest a little garden plot or some tomato plants in a pot on the porch even. We got tomato plants from the ward on Mother's Day...much more practical than flowers the bishop said.

Sher said...

Hm. I could use a beach vacation -- an uncrowded beach with snacks readily available and a cool beach house for when it's time to rest. Of course, I could also use to work harder around here so that I actually feel like the vacation is "earned". Then I could come home to a clean house too.

Megz said...

I'm not really catching the connection between beach house and salmonella, but you have to somehow bring up your dream vacations to the east coast in every post it seems.
I thought it was nice that on the news they let me know that my tomatoes in my garden would be safe to eat. Thanks Mr. Smart News man! Now we just have to wait for them to grow already.

T said...

I thought Leon hated tomatoes? hmmm... of course, so did I a few years ago, so who knows!

maybe that's what we women need to do as a men's camp-out alternative... the day after they get back (one of these years...) we'll all take off for a beach house... I promise to "hike" around on the sand and we could eat food cooked on a fire if it evens the playing field

rut said...

I'm in. When do we leave?