Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer school

Well, summer school has officially begun. Recess is from 10-11 outside while it's still cool. Then Anika teaches Isabelle and Olivia from 11-12 with a lesson that includes singing, stories, coloring, and letter tracing.

Today is letter B, number 2.
www.printactivities.com has wonderful
letter/number printouts. Snack was prepared by Anika as well.

If they complete all their school work
(I give Anika a few worksheets to do later in the day) , on Fridays they can choose a little prize from my prize bag.

So far, so good. I know it's only day #2 and kids have short attention spans for routines but I am crossing my fingers for success!


T said...

I wish we lived closer so Maryn could come to school with her cousins - what a cheerful little teacher Anika is!

I was feeling more in the summer groove today so things have gotten done besides reading... ahhh

rut said...

Keep it up, girls!

I wish I could be there for school to see how it works... but usually these things happen while daddy is "playing on the computer," as they believe I do after I leave in the morning.

I admit it though--sometimes my work is fun.

Great idea, Cold Cocoa.

Sher said...

Way to go Erin / Anika. I think kids actually like routine -- but if the routine involves work maybe not so much. It Anika can just keep thinking of it as fun. My oldest sister taught me school a lot in the summers just for fun.

Megz said...

It is just the natural order of things: the oldest sister gets to be boss and bestow her wisdom and her two younger sisters just eat it up.

Big brothers are for teaching in different ways. Like how to wrestle and burp.

Megan said...

Wish I could be a fly on the wall to watch the interactions during summer school. I remember Russell used to teach me algebra.

LC said...

There's a good mom at work. I think we'll start a little something like that next week. I like how Anika is teacher--makes sense for kids to do the teaching when they're the ones with all the enthusiasm and energy.