Friday, June 6, 2008

No excuses?

before the re-do

Well, normally I feel like hushing over the fun things we spend the dinero on because I feel guilty. Excuses flying like birds, justifications thrown like frisbees; explanations for why we bought brand-name cream cheese instead of generic; why we bought furniture over food storage; why we bought new shrubs instead of investing in the kids' college funds or R&E's retirement.

But you know...sometimes we buy things because we desire them. A righteous, non-envious, non-worshiping desire.

And though the wood veneer on our old counters was chipping away with every cleaning of food deposits on them, they still could have lasted years.

With all that said, I would like to introduce our new countertops and sink.


LC said...

ooh! ahh! I bet you're loving those new countertops. Is that granite? corian? engineered stone?
Very nice!

Megz said...

Anytime you complain about money again I am just going to throw those countertops in your face.
They look great. Just like all the ones in the Parade of Homes. Do you have a jetted tub already? I'm smelling the next major home improvement....
And that's OK to splurge on things your heart desires. But GV cream cheese is really just as good as Philly isn't it?

rut said...

I'll answer LC's question--we chose quartz countertops, because they require absolutely no maintenance except for soap and water (no polishing, sealing, etc).

It is also nonporous--when Erin performs her least favorite task in the world (handling raw chicken), she can wipe away the nasties without a chance of absorption.

Plus, we liked the color =) If you'd like to learn more about quartz countertops, please visit Hanstone's Website.

Okay, yeah, so I'm kind of excited about the counters, too.

T said...

oooh, love the color - I may have to look into those - of course, hubby may not agree with me on the priority of new countertops, though I know they're on the top ten "things that need to be done in our house" list for both of us... sometimes a little splurge (or a big one) is just what you need to pick you up and remind you what a lovely life you've got :)

lkm said...

Very nice counters. And Rut's explanation makes them a "smart" decision too.
Of course you know now that it will be your fault when a catastrophe happens this year and you have little food to put on your counter tops. And then you will have to spend your kid's college savings on food. Dang that Murphy that made that law!

cold cocoa said...

LKM- could you and your wife be any more practical and smart with your $$? And where is my freeze-dried broccoli?

Sher said...

The counter tops are great. I hope you will enjoy them. I always like to come to your house to see what nice improvements you have made.