Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hairdo fixation update and ending

Back in February, I had the urge to cut my hair. See here. Anyway, that urge kept being put aside because finding that time to do something so brave and bold wasn't easily happened upon. So after a few months of waffling (is that the right word?), I had a couple bad hair days in a row and I decided enough was enough! Long story short, (and not that interesting to any of you!) I said au revoir to the hair that's been with me for around 4 years. It wasn't that emotional of a goodbye, thankfully. I'm not too attached.

sorry about undi and back show-
so much for modest under t's!

Here are the results. It is a good haircut, but I am trying to sass it up to take away any feelings of a "mom-do". I am in no way a good hair do-er. My hair looks good only as long as I can refrain from washing it after having a pro do it! Any tips about pomade or piecy-ness, send it my way. I did buy one of these. It's a curling brush that blow dries your hair at the same time. I like it! I also bought some Garnier Fructis Play Putty. Smells good.

Well, the point of this post is to not only inform, but to ask all you fashionistas what do I do next time I get my hair trimmed? Do I ask for more edginess? Razor ends? Crazy streaks?


LC said...

Fabulous! I love the view of the back and sides. I like cuts like that that have some bounce and frame the face, and you have a very cute one.

When we went to the beauty college I asked the girl to give me that "piecy" look. She said, "I'm not really very good at that." Ooookay then...At least she was honest but I'm sad I didn't get to learn the technique.

The next time I go to the real hairdresser I'll have to ask her. She was able to tell me to go for a "slice" technique instead of "weave" for that chunky color that looks very movie-star like.

If only our hair could stay looking Salon-stylin' the next day!

rut said...

Look at that cute, "edgy" woman! Part of me misses the long hair, but I like how this haircut 1) stays out of the way, and 2) makes Cold Cocoa happy.

Megz said...

Nice hairdo. And kudos to your photographer!
You can make it real edgy by just not washing it for a week and then rubbing lots of products in it and then letting Livvers 'trim' it for you.
Way to be brave.

T said...

obviously I need to get a backbone and actually get over there (anywhere) to get my hair cut. I like the shape of your cut, good angles etc... and you've always been so good with the cute laissez faire hair-do thing - yank a chunk back in a clip and you look youthful and spirited... I don't think you need to try too hard for edgy :)