Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jergen's Natural Glow Before and After!

My pasty "before" picture. Sorry about the thighs and feet.
Russell took this picture. I told him just to take the bottom
leg, but I guess he's not worried about online- leg lovers?

Well, Russell was not impressed with my walk-in tub post. He didn't think it was very interesting and wondered who would want to see a tub in a blog?! I calmly explained to him that blogs are for sharing interesting things, even of the non-family variety. Especially if you have a husband that doesn't share your enthusiasm of interesting
observations in the world around us.

My "after" picure. A definite tan. Picture a bit lighter than reality.
Maybe a few soft streaks, not a prob. It is darker than before!

Along those same lines as tubs, but not really, I always wondered how tanning lotion worked and if it was worth using to cover up the winter whites.

So here is interesting experiment to share

Jergen's Natural Glow is a self-tanning lotion. I applied the first dose (for medium/dark tones) to my legs Sunday morning, every day after that and just finished the last application today, on Thursday. Not bad for just a few days!

  • you look like you've been to Palm Springs for Spring Break instead of just Macey's and the backyard.
  • weird veins get covered up
  • you feel more energetic because you look outdoorsy
  • you look healthy
  • you're ready to start Summer with a bang
  • People may wonder why you're the only one in your family that went to Palm Springs
  • there may be a few streaks here and there; but you learn how to apply as time goes by
  • the smell of the lotion has a subtle chemical smell you get used to, but Isabelle says I'm stinky
  • you have to keep applying the lotion every other day or so to maintain the "glow"
  • It takes several minutes to dry and you don't want to stain your clothes, so you must be careful. Try waving the shower door back and forth on your skin or a book.

Conclusion: I like using this stuff, though I usually just use it in the early Spring when I am afraid of blinding myself and others with my white legs. I do like to use Jergen's Natural Glow Face Lotion in SPF 20 for Spring and Summer. Neutrogena also has an SPF version for body so you can have a tan and not worry about skin cancer.

I hope I've been of help to someone out there wanting a tan without having to lay out on the trampoline or their roof hours after endless hours...(I kind of miss that time for such tanning boredom!)

Please share your tanning tricks of the past or present!


rut said...

Wow--nice legs!!!

Megz said...

AAAACK! Them were some white legs! Tell the many leg poses did you do before deciding on that one? I think that's a nice subtle color. Maybe not quite a tan, but lots better than white. What about the face pictures? Are you going to do that?
And Russell can't critique your topics. Tell him to get his own blog if he has complaints.

LC said...

First of all you are brave--I admire it. 2nd, I'm am having my own experiment over here using Bath and Body Works (Fair skin variety) --it is the only brand I know of that actually smells good. I just started a few days ago so we'll see.
Before pregnancy when I would meet with a running group dressed in our cute little shorts we tried our own experiment using the L'Oreal Sublime Glow. It worked really well on everyone--for me that meant going from shocking white to healthy white but I can live with that.

T said...

I remember the days (Jr. H.S.) when we would rub Crisco on our legs and lay out with pieces of aluminum foil to reflect as much cooking power as possible... the can does say "for anything you bake or fry"... yikes,
I did the Mary Kay version a few times, but it is expensive and does not keep well - I've just been healthy white for a few years now...
I do however insist on that bronzing powder for the face though - healthy glow in a can!

Sher said...

I had a really good time catching up on your blog after a week of having the kids home hogging the computer. T & T quite enjoyed the entries too. I like the creative things you come up with to share.