Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Humility and awards to me (and I guess maybe you too)

I'm not shy about giving myself an award. After all, doctors, scientists, teachers, writers and other career-persons all get recognition in one way or another for their creativity or skills in their work. Actors have a bazillion award shows, so I'm emmy-hungry. I was just thinking of some really good things I do as a Mom that I wouldn't mind a pat on the back (from myself) for. Please excuse any made-up words.

  1. First biggie: multi-tasking. Women in general seem to be pretty good at this. I can talk on the phone while playing polly pockets and checking the dinner and cleaning up drool marks on wood floor all at once. Other people work their brain by sudoku and crosswords.
  2. Changing a nasty diaper with that child laying on floor while I stayed on exercise ball with sleeping newborn in arms. (that was seriously awesome and I was sad husband didn't get to witness my genius)
  3. Taxing all my creative reserves by trying to make up activities on the fly for playdates so friend won't leave after 10 minutes with my child to her own home for more and better fun, thus damaging my child's and my house's/toys-fun reputation (though sometimes it is just really out of my hands, sadly).
  4. Distracting children during long waits at the doctor's office or in line at Wal-mart (holy long line- why do I punish myself by going there? I should take my award away on that one)
  5. Immediate high-energy mediator-ship between feuding siblings about to pull out chunks of hair or pinched skin (yes, just girl fights!).
  6. Going grocery shopping with kids. We all deserve lots of awards or tsk-tsks for that one.
  7. Figuring out what to do on homework. Last year with Anika I had no clue what to do sometimes. The instructions were translated to English by someone in China that didn't speak English. Comprende?
  8. Making lunches that kids will actually eat and not trade with friend for something lesser (my homemade cookies for 3 cheetos??).
  9. Car road-trip management. Sacrificing my own life by seatbelt abandonment in order to distribute snacks, new games and clean up spills. I think I'm driving next time!
  10. Getting any housework done at all with kids around constantly undermining any and every cleanliness attempt.
  11. Still managing to look hot and in heels for romantic candle-lit yummy dinner with husband, where we both unwind and relax, shedding off the worries of the day together whilst kids quietly play in the other room (can you imagine?!)
Don't be shy- what is something you do as a Mom that deserves an award?


Megz said...

I can imgagine you looking "hot and in heels" over dinner. Of course the 'hot' is due to your frantic running around while making three different versions of curry dinners and the 'heels' would be platform flipflops, but whatever.
I think I deserve an award for best early morning carpool costume. I have this idea if I am wearing my sunglasses nobody can tell that I am still in my pjs and have bed hair.

cold cocoa said...

Haha...I use the sunglasses trick too. "Hurry! Close the door!"

LC said...

What a great post! I second your award!
I think I should get a huge award if Kate ever grows up to play the piano proficiently--oh the battle over practicing. I am now sinking so low as to offer 25 cents per practice session. Or maybe I should get an award for my bribing ingenuity. Also I should get a science project award for today's volcano with molten chocolate lava. And how about an award for having the best beach house in Richfield!
--I just had to get the beach in there for Megz.

The " Whitey's" said...

You deserve a standing ovation! I am so proud of you! I would probably give myself an award for the best Mom outfit...you know, the one with cookie crumbs, drool, snot, and a little spit up rubbed all over. I'm sure that's a "hot" look for my husband to come home to! Oh ya, and the smell would be a bonus!

T said...

I am going to just second your nomination based purely on the exercise ball, infant hindered diaper change... that is truly a feat worthy of Cirque Du Soleil!

My own award will be for the last second hairdo done in the parking lot of the school for the daughter who left the house saying she wanted to wear her hair straight today... and for walking home with my own hair in a shambles because I gave up my own clippy to keep her hairdo in place!

The Marshall Family said...

I love it Erin! So true! How about eating dinner or various other things while nursing a baby. Only in the privacy of your own home of course :)
Oh the crazy things mom's do. Thanks for letting us all know were not alone!

stephanie huff said...

I love it! We should start having an annual awards show. Like Tyra Banks talk show when she had the fiercees, for the most fierce models. We could have the momsies.

Hayley said...

way to go ho super mama!

AuntyDi said...

I'm pretty sure I deserve a "momsie" for telling my 3-year-old a story in the middle of the night while he sat on the potty because I was so excited he was actually ON THE POTTY! Thankfully, he is now trained enough that I can refuse those requests and he'll still do his business in the right place.

rut said...

Bless you, Cocoa. How about another award for today: give the husband a project and then sacrifice your entire Saturday while he works on it--who has the tougher task here?

This family needs its amazing Mommy/wife... AWARDS TO YOU!

stephanie huff said...

I am not sure why I think I remember other than I used to ride the bus home with Megan on dance days when Aunt Bonnie's turn to drive.