Friday, September 19, 2008

Painting new life

Well, life has been busy! Full of regular busy-ness like school, soccer, dance, errands, and self-imposed busy-ness like home improvement. Last Saturday I had three projects in the works for Russell (hey- someone's got to supervise) including but not limited to the following:

  • adding a panel of some sort to the bar to take away the church-podium appearance
  • adding another shelf to our coat closet so we have more space for coloring supplies
  • painting the laundry room, because I see it a lot and it is one room in the house that hasn't had the Erin touch since moving in

We accomplished # 3. Yay! I really wanted to paint something dark brown because it's a color I haven't used yet. Our laundry room is our entrance from the garage and it triples as a pantry, coat room, and laundry room. The previous owners had painted the whole thing sage green (not offensive in any way) but the trim was also green and there was a border that was starting to fall off. So I painted the trim white and Russell painted the room "warm brownie". How can you not like a color with such a name? I wonder who gets the fun job of a paint color namer. They get to be so poetic and fun. "Lava falls", "apple frost", "fresh water" and "lover's kiss" are some of my favorites.

It's in no way a beautiful room, but it serves its purpose! Is it a nasty brown or is it okay? Whatever you think, we can't change it for at least a learn to like it! (I was able to convince Russell after all!)

I collect paint strips. So many fun colors!
Yay for projects!


LC said...

Fun. I love colors in the chocolate family. You could probably make a cool mosaic art print with all those paint samples.

The " Whitey's" said...

I LOVE brownies and I love your new laundry/coat/pantry room!! It's a great color. I painted "bittersweet" on one wall in our basement bedroom and LOVE it! It looks so rich and creamy and chocolaty...Yummy! Congrats on finishing a project...that's HUGE! 1 down, 2 to go.

Megz said...

Can't really get a feel for the brownies in your pictures, but I trust it coordinates nicely with all the chocolate found in your freezer.
Next time can Russell just paint at our house? I can't quite get myself to do it and Leon seems to only be interested in projects involving 'outside' right now.

Karen said...

I love your chocolate wall. Yum! You and Russell did an awesome job. Good luck on the rest of your projects. I wish I was ambitious!!

T said...

I love paint names... Most of our house is Linen, but there's some Vanilla Frosting, Ballgown Pink, Twilight blue...

My fav. color name has to be sher's office though - Shark!

stephanie huff said...

The color looks lovely to me. However, I still haven't see your house. Megan and I need to plan a trip your way so I can finally see for myself how wonderful it is.

rut said...

I never saw this post--and now nobody will ever see my comment. But still, I think we're close! We put another project ahead of the paneling, but I think the current project ( beadboard all over the place ) will help with #1 when that time finally comes.