Saturday, September 20, 2008

Power of mind and miracles

R's work reserved Lagoon last night. We were looking forward to it for a looooooong time, especially Anika, having the best memory and anticipation skills out of the kids. Well, as luck would have it, Anika woke up yesterday with the stomach flu. Bummer! She usually takes two days to get over the stomach flu. She gets it hard!

Anyway, 3:00 rolls around and Russell was planning to take the other two girls, when
Anika got up from the couch she'd been glued to all day and said "I feel better now- I can go! I'm even hungry enough to eat a corn dog!" (that's the question we ask to
gauge wellness) So we were cautious but
she seemed like her old self again and how can we deny her this pleasure? Grocery bags stocked in the car, we headed out to Lagoon. This renewal of health reminds me of when she was 4 and got a fever Christmas Eve. In the morning, she still was
a bit lethargic and had a fever, and we
carried her downstairs to see her gifts.

Once she saw them, she recovered miraculously. She wanted to be well so bad that she became well! This was the exact same thing. We rode her in on the stroller, she saw the TerrorRide, and she hopped out and we went on that (what were we thinking- Olivia and Sammy were terrified!). That was only the beginning of many rides. She even went on the old, rickety white roller coaster Lagoon is famous for. Russell said it made him sick the second time, but she was fine! She was doing all of this on little liquid consumption and no food consumption. She ran all over the place and was happy.

I know this is how germs are
spread guys, and I apologize.
But this was all for the good of the family, and she didn't sneeze or slobber on people or the rides. She was well! Once we were back in the car, she ate two bites of dinner and went to bed. This morning she woke up sick, picking up where she left off yesterday. How sad that she couldn't fully recover, but miraculous that she got to go to Lagoon. Who says miracles need to be limited to only important things?


T said...

Way to not let life get in the way of living... germs happen!

Megz said...

I know you would be dying if you were thinking every ride your kid was going on had a contagious vomiter on it! But way to have a double standard like the rest of us.
Glad A made it through and could even go on big rides. That's when you know they're growing up. Riding on the white roller coaster...

rut said...

My heart went out to Anika that first time on the white coaster. She looked scared for her life, and I didn't like seeing that. Imagine my surprise when she wanted to go again!

I'm with Cocoa--A. ain't faking it here... she has proof. But she was blessed with the will and strength to conquer this for a moment, and that is a miracle I'm very grateful for.

LC said...

Did you ask Anika if she was praying her little heart out that morning that she'd get better? It's pretty miraculous.
Glad you guys were still able to go. What a way fun day.

The " Whitey's" said...

Anika, Way to sacrifice your health for some family fun! That's my kind of girl. I hope you feel better soon!

The " Whitey's" said...

Oh and I love your new look. It looks so good on here with your complexion in the pictures and all!!! (wink!) I love fall colors!

Karen said...

Yey Anika! I'm glad you were well enough to go to Lagoon. Hopefully you're completely well now. I get sick just watching the rides, so it was definitely a miracle.

liz said...

Hey Erin! I just found your blog through Nikkis! I had no idea you had one... and it is an adorable one too! Now I'll have to start stalking you and seeing what you are up to. By the way, I tried to bring your Ikea mag back the other day, but nobody was home and it was a really windy night. I didn't dare leave it on your porch because I didn't want it to blow away. I'll get it over to you soon.

Hayley said...

Nothing better than fun at Lagoon! Anika is an animal, my Austin had that same crud last week, it set him back three days:( Luv your new look in the the multi-purpose room!

Sher said...

I'm glad Anika got her trip in. What a bummer it would have been to be left behind!