Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tag hodge-podge

Nikki tagged me for a fun memory thingie, and Megan and Laura and then Tonya did a fun version too, so I decided to kind of combine them, but edit out some q's for time's sake. I really liked the idea of going back 20 years. To even be able to say that astounds me.

What I was doing 20 years ago:

1. Starting 4th grade. I found out I needed glasses badly but was too vain and self-conscious to wear them so I left home each morning with them on, then took them off right before getting on the bus so the kids wouldn't see them. I'd put them back on after the bus dropped me off for home. I felt so guilty from my deceit! I thought for sure my Mom would be mad if she knew I wasn't wearing them. It was a lot of work and stress to live like that. I couldn't see the chalkboard at all. I would grab my glasses from my desk, hold them up really fast to see the board, then put them away. I got contacts in Jr. High, thankfully. I like my glasses now!

Another thing- I started "borrowing" books from the school library in bunches. There were a bunch of books I really wanted to read that were in the shelves in the dark, storage-y part of the library (it was an upstairs loft-style library) that didn't have check-out tags on them. I would take a few, stick 'em in my backpack, read them at home, and sneakily return them when I was done. Sadly, I didn't return all of them and when I reached Middle School I asked Diana, who was still in elementary, to return them for me. I think she did a few, but the sisterly love didn't cross over to covering for my sins.

5 years ago:

Pregnant with child #2, Isabelle, due in December '03. I was Anika's constant playmate but once Isabelle was born, I passed the mantle to Isabelle, in all her 7 lb. glory. Two kids are easier than one!

5 jobs:

  1. Cherry sorter 3 summers in high school
  2. Peach thinner, tree painter at orchard 2 summers in high school
  3. Working concession stands at BYU Basketball games 4 months
  4. Subway Sandwich Artist 7 months in CougarEat
  5. Copy Center attendant 3 years

3 unique? things about me:

I have a permanent cracking noise when my left pointer finger and my right big toe bend. I don't think bodies are meant to pop like that!

I could have been a private detective because I'm good at spying and have really good ears.

Treats make me happy- just buying candy or knowing I have some stockpiled gives me comfort similar to a plush blankie.

Thanks for reading all that. This has been on my computer for a week now, slowly coming together. Yay!


rut said...

Thanks for not hiding part of your candy stockpile better than you do. I enjoy being a beneficiary of that fuzzy blanket.

I have mixed feelings about the cherry job. I'm glad you learned responsibility and stuff, but sad that you really dislike cherries, a very fine fruit.

Same with detectiving. It's great when you can open my eyes to what's going on... but tough when it comes to purchasing gifts online or really anywhere.

And RE: books... I'm pretty sure the librarians kept that dusty stockpile up there expressly to get the kleptomaniacs reading.

T said...

I like how you mixed them all together :)

RUT - I think since all the sisters/brothers of the C family worked cherries that none will eat them... a little sad - but have you HEARD some of those stories... ugh!

Megz said...

True, true T. Once you see a dead bird on the cherry line, cherries are the taboo fruit.
I like how you can say you are a good 'detective' instead of plain 'nosy' as some w/ lesser observation skills might call it! Not me, of course, since I am better than Nancy Drew anyday.

Sher said...

Derek will eat cherries. He likes them. They are yummy. You just pick them yourself, thus avoiding dead birds, or you buy them. Dead birds are hardly ever included in the package. I liked the stories of your youth and got a chuckle out of you holding your glasses up quickly to see the board. You must have been really sneaky if nobody noticed! I think excessive curiosity helps in developing detective skills. That's where I got all of the skills I have.

LC said...

That is so funny about the glasses and the library and the stockpile of treats.
You had a few more jobs than I did--do you ever get to practice your subway artistry with the kids pbj's?

ddrussel said...

No one that worked cherries should eat them in any form! But Erin, didn't you just build boxes at the Payson Fruit Growers facility and not really come in contact with any unprocessed cherry?

cold cocoa said...

No DD, I am a certified cherry sorter! I didn't even need Dramamine. The first year I was putting them in the buckets at the end of the line...but I just remembered that, how did you know? I honestly blocked that one out it was so mundane and insanity-inducing.

The "Whitey's" said...

So detective, what have you seen and heard that's juicy?? Please share!!! J/K. That was fun reading those things about you!

stephanie huff said...

Oh, I remember the glasses and how they would come out right before entering the house. Didn't you have some cute pink glasses? The library story was funny! Did you ever tell your mom about that?

stephanie huff said...

OH, and also didn't we work cherries together? I am pretty sure we were employees of the month

cold cocoa said...

Yes, Stephanie- we worked night shift '97. Good times! As for the glasses, how do you remember? I don't know if I ever wore them around anybody!

The Marshall Family said...

I wish I would have known you were such a great spy when you lived next door to us! Good thing we didn't bury any dead bodies in the back yard. Or did we???

Anonymous said...

cute family pictures, Laundry room looks good. Thats one room I havent really touched. I love the mother award. You are so funny. Sorry about joy school. I would feel bad if one of the kids would catch a cold from us even though it's that time of year.