Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Anika's fun hair


Their most natural picture

Olivia feeling like a big sister next to Sam

a great way to keep hair in ponies

Olivia's hair is an idea from hair blog, someone's helpful fun hairdo styles for girls. Isabelle's and Anika's are my own creative attempts. It teaches them patience and pain tolerance as they sit there and let me tug and pull. Thanks for letting me show off my hair art. Now if only I could learn to oil paint!


Megz said...

That is way fun hair. Now I need a picture of how it looked at the end of the day. And do they get ponytail headaches? I still get those! Noelle would have fit right in with her dress. I should have sent her over.

sweetnsassy6 said...

You must have 3:00pm church to get all that hair done in time. Way cute! Our 2nd child is insisting on me taking her to the salon to get a few strips of her hair colored "aquamarine" like the mermaid. Also she wants her ears pierced? Another good poll idea--what age is good for ear piercing?

T said...

a hair blog... okay, I need to check that out - do they have one for us big people who just desperately need a hip and with it hairdo?

Sher said...

I wonder if my girls resent it that I never made their hair look cute. You can go to my blog for cute boy hair ideas.