Saturday, March 22, 2008

Your Trip to Rome!

Roman Colosseum,Pantheon, Michelangelo's "Pieta", ceiling, your 5star hotel, St. Peter's Basilica

For all of you who voted for Rome (the winner!) Here is a cyber-vacation on me. I personally voted for Paris. Why Rome over Paris? I would like some comments on your preference, please! I mean, Rome looks great and all, but it seems like it's almost too much old-ness and artifact. Ancient buildings are cool and famous and whatnot, but you would feel like you'd have to go to them all on your romantic getaway, which would take away the romance. Would your husband want to go see all this culture eye-candy with you?

And where were the gondolas? I really wanted a picture of those. for the pics.

Thanks to me for your little bit of culture lesson for the day!


Megz said...

I voted for San Diego, personally. Rome means too much time and money on my hands. Do a new poll on whether or not bad pregnancies make for easy babies.

T said...

okay - I voted for Rome (if I remember correctly) - mostly because it was cultural and all... and the preference over Paris is all about the rude French people I dread encountering. Maybe just remembering my Grandparents trip to France which was not their favorite of all their wide wanderings. And San Diego Meg? I figure if I'm dreaming I may as well pretend to have some big bucks!

sweetnsassy6 said...

I tried to vote and mine was for NYC. I don't know why my vote didn't count? Anyway, we would go to a concert, ice skating, fine dining. Mostly it's because Brandon and I have always wanted to go to the U.S. Open.
Rome would be 2nd choice but then I thought like you--too much sightseeing = not enough romance.
Do Megan's pregnancy poll.

Sher said...

I think I voted for Rome. I should get to go in October and it's not because I have too much time or money. I will enjoy it because I know the apostle Paul went there and I like places I can connect to Christian history. That being said, I'm guessing there will be one too many old naked statues. One's too many.