Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What I read on the Elliptical

Don't try this one unless you want a semi-interesting read. Like real law, this is more paperwork than quick and suspenseful action . Grisham develops several characters, but not well enough to connect with any one in particular. I skipped pages and missed nothing. Read if you are passionate about the misdeeds of chemical companies and their money spent funding political candidates. Read also if you prefer realistic endings to happy ones! Me: I prefer The Firm! I miss the old Fun Grisham.

This one is coming out in a few weeks! I have read all of MHC books and I love a few of them, but enjoy all of them.
This will be a quick fluff read, I'm counting on it. I have it on reserve at the library.


Megz said...

Remember how I did a book review and you were bored and made a snarky comment? Well, here's how I am much more mature than you: Thanks for those suggestions and your Grisham review. I appreciate your opinion.

cold cocoa said...

I have some fun books on mine and it wasn't really a review- more like a description.
So you recommend The Kite Runner for me?

Sher said...

You have a way with words that I enjoy. I quit reading Grisham books a while back for the very reasons you stated. Good job always having a picture to illustrate.

cold cocoa said...

Sher- you are always so complimentary. Thank you thank you!

Megan said...

Erin, I read the Remember Me? and it was a fun one. One of those ones you miss an entire day of life because you are so caught up in the read. Not that it is deep or anything... I just read her Undomestic Goddess and that was my favorite so far- have you read that one!

I read the Kite Runner and didn't really enjoy it. It didn't resonate with me, I guess. But a lot of people seem to like it.

I did read a good book for Book Club last month- These is My Words. I enjoyed it, and I felt like I learned some stuff too. Not brain candy but not boring either!

Love the Easter pics! Where's the picture of you in your Easter dress and Russ in his?

cold cocoa said...

Megan- I've read all of Kinsella's life-changing books. I'm halfway through Remember Me and it is a good one! Definitely not gonna be a better person afterward but sometimes that's just not the point. Thanks for posting! Book clubs are so trendy these days. DO you guys sip Martinelli's and eat eclairs?