Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No Wheaties Served Here!

Isabelle's breakfast this morning included the rare
addition of marshmallows. I told her if she went back to
bed last night she could have marshmallows on her cereal.
I know- a bribe from a tired and desperate mum.
What is this yummy array of goodness? Well, at our house Russell loves his Chex. It started out with adorning it with a little sugar, which is reasonable, and later on it developed into a chocolate milk with Chex obsession, and now it's just easier to squirt on the Hershey's Syrup all over and try to hit every square piece. Now Russell is free to eat his cereal however he chooses (I really like chocolate milk and mini-wheats) but we have kids. And kids model us. Why do they have to eat what we eat when it's yummy but not when it's yucky (veggies)?


Megz said...

DISGUSTING. You people should invest in Hershey's syrup. Chocolate milk in cereal is cheating. That's the only time regular milk is palatable.

sweetnsassy6 said...

That is thinking outside the box. I never would have imagined breakfast could be that adventurous. Diluting frosted flakes with corn flakes is our idea of creative.
Thanks for teaching me how to make comments--this will be fun.

Diana said...

when our you going to teach russell OUR family's trick (or was it just Devin's?): OJ in the cereal?

cold cocoa said...

Diana- OJ is gross. I still can't figure out why pouring OJ makes cereal more soggy and watery than milk? I should have done a science project on that mystery.